August Budget

august budget

1. Cardigan - Nordstrom Rack, Frenchi $9.97

2. Striped Cardigan - Nordstrom Rack, Abound $24.97

3. Faux Fur Trim Poncho - Nordstrom Rack, Cakes & Roses $36.97

4. Reversible Poncho - Nordstrom Rack $14.97

Total: $102.78

This month I was really excited about the cardigans at Nordstrom Rack, but then went back to check out the ponchos. I saw this faux fur trim poncho (also comes in a brown color) the first time I made an order on Nordstrom Rack this month, and had to go back to get it. I couldn’t remember the exact brand, so I searched all ponchos, which is how I ended up with a second poncho. I couldn’t say not for $14.97! These pieces will be great for fall and winter, especially now working in a casual work environment.

I’m not going to lie, ponchos might be my problem child this fall and winters, as I also have my eye on this one and this too. I am fairly happy with the amount I spent this month, but still feel like I have no closet game plan. I swear I’ve been saying this for the last three years (probably because I have), but I need to have more of a plan when it comes to shopping. While I did need cardigans to help mix up and diversify my work wardrobe, I certainly didn’t need two ponchos (although they are pretty, right)? I want to be able to fund purchases I actually want, and will actually use for years to come. I’m adjusting my budget overall and going to start automatically placing money in different savings accounts. I have a separate savings for travel and for a future house down payment, but I think it is time to open one where I can place blog money, PoshMark earnings, and just a little bit from each paycheck and actually buy more of what I want. I’m definitely feeling better about my closet and what’s in it (significantly reduced since this incident), but still have a lot of work to make it what I want it to be!

On that note, we are officially moving again (third year in a row – YAY) but for real yay. I hate moving, but this will be worth it and this should be the last move before something more “permanent”- and perhaps it will give me yet another opportunity to donate some of the items that haven’t had any love since the last move.

How did you do this month? Did you find any must-haves for the upcoming fall and winter seasons?

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The Girl in the Pink Scarf

pink scarf, chambray top, black skirt

I’m still struggling with work outfits… which is really silly considering I can basically wear what I want. I think the issue is that I started off at a job where I was required to be wearing a suit every day, or pretty close. Then I went to a business casual environment, but still got pretty dressed up. Now, it is casual, but can really be whatever I want, but I still get confused. I have yet to wear heels, but have worn wedges a couple times, I would just feel silly being one of the only ones in heels. But then again, who cares? Right? Anyway, I swear I’m going somewhere with this.

What I’m Wearing

Chambray Top, Thrifted (Similar here and here)

Sunglasses, c/o DITTO via their rental program – Sign up HERE and get your first month of renting design eyewear FREE!

Skirt, H&M (Similar here and here)

Wedges, Marshalls (Similar here and here)

Scarf, Charming Charlies (Similar here and here)

the pink tassel scarf


walking the dog

Emma mini aussie

work outfit

Although this outfit isn’t necessarily anything special, I love it because I feel like for me it is a good mix of casual and just a little bit of dressy. I have never been a wear jeans every day type of person. I wore dresses and skirts in high school and college, so trying to wear jeans every day just isn’t for me. But put the denim on top, and add a swingy little black skirt on the bottom? Yes, totally me. Add a pink scarf with some tassels, and overall I feel like it adds just the right touch. So yesterday, I was the the girl in the pink scarf. I recently just watched Confessions of a Shopaholic, which is where this post title came from – also I’m so glad I don’t have to freeze my credit cards to keep myself from shopping (or do I)? Stay tuned to find out in my August budget post on Friday! In other news, these Karen Walker sunglasses are currently being borrowed from DITTO through their Endless Program - that means rent your favorite designer sunglasses for just $19 a month! You can sign up here to get your first rental month for free!

And FINALLY, it’s Emma! She hasn’t been in one of my posts in forever, so she tagged along (and had about 10 dogs walk by us while taking photos, she was very distracted and wanted to make friends)! And’s its National Dog Day, had no idea. Love the way things work out sometimes. I should re-title my post to National Dog Day or something? There are so many “national” days now they are hard to keep up with!

What I’m Wearing

Chambray Top, Thrifted (Similar here and here) // Sunglasses, c/o DITTO via their rental program – Sign up HERE and get your first month of renting design eyewear FREE! // Skirt, H&M (Similar here and here) // Wedges, Marshalls (Similar here and here) // Scarf, Charming Charlies (Similar here and here)