Beauty & Style Products You Should Own in 2015

The list of on trend beauty products is growing seriously fast lately. With brands releasing more products than ever before, it can be hard to keep up with which ones are worth buying and which aren’t.

With the new year here, I’ve found a handy selection of products that might be worth investing in for your 2015 beauty, fashion and style.


Some of the top beauty products for 2014 have been absolutely amazing buys for me this year. There has been a huge buzz around some of the biggest brands, but also a few lesser known gems have snuck in there and made an appearance. Here are a few brands that you should watch out for.

Urban Decay – with the launch of the Urban Decay Naked Vault making waves around the beauty scene, this is a brand that just never slows down. You’re guaranteed to be loving their products for 2015.

Lorac – the Lorac pro palettes caused a frenzy on their release and bloggers are still going crazy for them now. Exciting things are sure to come from this brand in 2015. I can’t wait!

First Aid Beauty – The eye duty product by this brand was a real hit. Perfecting the look of your under eye area has never been so easy. A real cult fave and 2015 ‘must have’ product!

Hourglass – The Ambient Lighting Blush is hard to avoid if you’re a beauty fanatic like me. Let’s face it, why would you want to avoid it?  It’s gorgeous. Look out for more to come in the new year from this luxurious brand.




Some of this year’s fashion favorites have been jumpsuits, florals and stripes. Fashion lovers weren’t afraid to go bold and make the maximum style impact during 2014, and this showed.

For 2015 you should really be looking to own patterned scarves and festival chic products. Items with an original patchwork twist such as those seen on the runway of brands like Gucci and Chloe earlier this year are perfect.


Haircare hasn’t really seemed to boom this year. I’ve seen a variety of products and trends but nothing really revolutionary from the catwalk or the design trends.

For 2015, you should own some GHD’s (if you don’t already!) and a really good curling wand to create luscious, loose curls that will last all day. Stock up on some good hairsprays and setting products to keep your styles firmly set in place.

Hair fragrance is a great product to own as it will keep your hair smelling wonderful for the summer festivals. You’ll also need a good dry shampoo like Ruth Crilly’s COLAB brand. This is one brand that could be in for an exciting year if the right products are released.


You’ll want to get fresh faced for 2015 so you’ll need to get stocked up on cleansing waters like Bioderma and Garnier Micellar. I’ve found that these are great for removing excess makeup and grime from the day.

A good daytime and night time moisturiser is essential in keeping your skin supple and healthy for the new year. Try not to switch these up too much (it can take your skin time to get used to a product and if it works, use it) and stick with one that suits your skin. This will ensure that it stays hydrated and soft.

December 2014 Budget

December Budget


Cable Knit Beanie, Forever 21 – $4.00

Checkered Fuzzy Sweater, Forever 21 – $29.80

Faux Leather Dress, Forever 21 – $16.99

Total + 30% off + Free Shipping (during Xmas sales!) = $35.55

So I’m definitely a little bit late on this, but still wanted to share what I spent in December. I actually didn’t want to shop at all, but couldn’t resist 30% off at Forever 21. The sweater is super comfortable and I have always wanted a faux leather dress. Unfortunately this one is pretty short on me, but looks fine with tights. I wore it to a concert back in December and love the way it fits/looks!

Also – it has been a crazy busy week at work and home. My little sister’s boyfriend just moved into our spare bedroom for his internship and I’ve had a couple huge product launches and projects going on this week. Hoping to be back to a more consistent schedule next week.

Happy Friday Eve!

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