Striped Shirt + Puffer Vest

striped shirt, old navy puffer vest

Yesterday I got to spend the day with my boyfriend’s family, and it was such a fun day with them (and full of delicious food)! Palm Sunday has always been a huge celebration for his family, and I feel so fortunate to have spent the day with them. I wish I would have been wearing some of my spring picks, but what can you do when it is 40 and windy on April 13th?!

This is my second basic piece from Front Row Shop (see my first review here) and I am still impressed. This shirt is a great basic, high quality, soft and warm, and has an amazing sheer detail on the top. I love when you can buy basics that have a unique detail like this. And even with the sheer top, it is still appropriate for work! I would pair it with a blazer and/or with red slacks for a nautical vibe. Stayed tuned, I’m sure this top will be making another appearance on the blog soon!

Striped Mesh Shirt, c/o Front Row Shop (Similar here, here)

Puffer Vest, Old Navy (Similar)

Jeans, 7FAM – Thrifted (Similar)

Heels, JustFab (Last seen here, Similar)

Necklace, c/o Choies (Similar)

Lip Pencil, BITE in Quince (rose berry) c/o Maurices (Similar)

Wearing this eyeliner and this blush.

Striped sheer top

striped top, wedged booties


striped shirt + heeled booties

What’s Up with the Lack of Disclosure?


Image via … a great post on how to comply with FTC guidelines!

Okay, first of all… I can’t discuss this subject without first acknowledging my own faults. I am in no way perfect, but at this point, I feel like when I first started getting offered products and/or did sponsored or guest posts that I should have made it very clear on my blog. At that point, I thought it was just how it worked and everyone, including my friends and family who no nothing about the blogging world, would know what c/o means.

So before I go into this subject, here it is: When I am gifted something for free, it will always say c/o next to it (courtesy of). Meaning a brand or company gifted it to me for free to wear and/or review on the blog. I am not a big blogger by any means, but I do share c/o items in outfit posts. I have always found it important to comply with FTC guidelines, but I wish I would have made the gifted items, sponsored posts and affiliate links more clear. Here is an example of my lastest sponsored post. You can the disclosure at both the top and bottom of this post. Here is an example of an outfit post with gifted items. I do my best to make it clear a company has sent me something and try to review the product in detail.

Okay, now to go on about the subject in general. Although I didn’t do a good job of making this clear in the beginning, I have always ALWAYS said c/o next to items I was gifted and ALWAYS used #ad in social media posts related to my sponsored posts. Oh and I always use c/o even if I wear the same item in another outfit post the next day. It’s not only adhering to the guidelines, I think it is respectful to your readers (Thanks to Fran for clarifying: You only have to disclose the first time). I personally still think it is nice to say so every time!

So lately I’ve noticed a few, okay several blogs, making it extremely difficult to figure out what has and has not been gifted to them by a company. Bolding or italicizing your gifted items with no disclosure in the post itself is not making it very clear to me as a reader that this was gifted to you. I shouldn’t have to go to your about page or disclosures page to read: “Hey guys anything in bold was gifted to me.” If that’s how you want to disclose something, just say it at the end of each post! Or I’ve seen no disclosure at all. I have a VERY hard time believing some bloggers who spend thousands of dollars on outfits are shopping at some of the inexpensive places I do. Maybe they are to relate to their audience more, but what if they are just skipping over the guidelines?

Also, I always include #ad or #sponsoredpost in my social media posts. In the past few months, I had an opportunity that didn’t require the #ad in some of the social media posts, which made me scratch my head. You better believe I still included it! Just because I’m hashtagging a media company, doesn’t mean people automatically know who they are and that means it is an ad or sponsored post.

Anyway, I just had to bring this up because I was curious if anyone else was noticing this? And what your opinion is on it in general (regardless of the fact it is REQUIRED)? It is a lack of education on knowing what the guidelines are, or bloggers trying to get around making their audience upset with too many c/o items, sponsored posts, etc.? Also, to be a little less hypocritical, I just added a “DISCLOSURE” widget on my blog to show up on the front page. So basically I suck at this too, but gosh darnit. It really grinds my gears when people aren’t honest!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

green sweater

This past weekend my family came to visit and it was such an amazing time! We ate out, had brunch, watched Iowa State kill it in the championship game vs. Baylor and just enjoyed each other’s company. Today is my mom’s birthday and they are still in town, so I can’t wait to catch up with them for lunch before they head back to Iowa. I love you so much mom, I hope you have a fabulous birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you all had an amazing, green-filled weekend :) And HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!

emerald earrings

green for st. patrick's day

rebecca minkoff mini mac bag

green sweater


Jeans, 7FAM via Goodwill (Similar)

Boots, JustFab

Bag, Rebecca Minkoff (This color no longer available, Similar)

Earrings, Fantasy Jewelry Box (Similar)

Sunglasses, Andrea Jovine via TJMaxx (Similar)

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New Purchases

New Purchases


(sandals, patterned pants, red cropped pants, t-strap mary janes)

Well I have been doing some shopping already in March (whoops… can’t say no to some of the great deals), but this month I’m approaching shopping a little differently. I have clothing needs and wants (I REALLY need some new work-appropriate pants. I REALLY wanted a new strappy, fun pair of nude sandals), but I am trying to already plan how to fit these items in with what I already own. I always try to think of this, but it rarely ever happens. Sometimes that means my new items are just sitting in my closet for a month or two, and that’s no fun!

Here are a few outfits I put together based on some of my new purchases! Now let’s just hope everything fits!

Blue Blazer + Patterned Pants

Teal Bag + Patterned Pants

White blazer + leopard Heels

Casual Red Pants