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Boot Collection

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Boot Collection

The subject of boots although exciting, can be overwhelming! I actually just had this conversation with my little sister. She said shortly before Christmas that if nothing else she’s always happy with a great pair of boots (and I couldn’t agree more!)  And in further discussion, we realized how hard the decision can actually be because there are so many amazing boots out there.  Over the knee, just under the knee, mid-calf, booties, gray, dark gray, black, brown, tan, light brown, colored, suede, leather, studded, buckles, laces, bows, pointy toes, rounded, heeled, flat… the options are endless!

The other thing that’s difficult for me in choosing the right type of boots is trying to find something that mixes your style and what’s practical (for the climate and the number).  For me, picking out a pair of heels is so much easier than boots, even though the options there are endless because when I pick out heels, I have a very distinct style and know what I’m looking for (bright colors, strappy, details), but with boots I have a harder time picturing my overall look with each pair.

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Welcome to Rachel’s Lookbook!

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Welcome to my blog, Rachel’s Lookbook! With this blog I hope to inspire by sharing what I’m passionate about: fashion, style, career, traveling, volunteering, science, gender justice, relationships, family and all-in-all… life!

This blog is a complete look into how fashion plays a role in my life and how it is important to me and all the things I love, and most importantly, in an economical way. Ultimately though, my goal is to learn from and be inspired by you, so please share your thoughts, comments and post your looks!

What I’m Wearing

“University of Corn” T-shirt, (Similar corn shirts here and here) |Olive green shorts, H&M (Similar here and here) | Brown Tights, Target (Similar  here) | Cowboy boots, Vintage – Ragstock | Aviators, Borrowed from little sister (Similar here) | Earrings, Borrowed from mother (Similar here)