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Want that Hair: My Style Recreation

- Beauty

If you read my first post about holiday hairstyles, then you know I was hoping to recreate Diana Agron’s hairstyle! I made a plan in my first post, and today I am sharing with you my final hair reveal.…

Want That Hair: Holiday Hairstyles

- Beauty

There are so many hairstyles I am envious of and while I’m no professional at doing my hair, I certainly use them as inspiration. I love the loose, undone styles of Blake Lively and Gisele Bundchen and the always…

Pantene Pro-V BB Creme Product Review

- Beauty

I am completely in love with BB Creams, so when I saw an advertisement for Pantene Pro-V’s BB Creme for hair, I was immediately intrigued.  BB creams were developed to provide an all-in-one product that can do 5, 8 or 10…