Weekend Recap: Baseball & Friends

Just wanted to do a quick post on my weekend! Went to the Twins game with my boyfriend and a couple of our good friends.  It ended up being the perfect day for a baseball game with lots of sun! Although the Twins lost, we still had an amazing time! Happy Monday, I hope you have a great week!!!!!

22 thoughts on “Weekend Recap: Baseball & Friends

  1. Hi pretty lady & blogger friend named Rachel :)
    Your outfit is so girly and baseball-fun looking! I need to take notes for when I start going to sports related functions with J. He’s a lover of that stuff, I’ll tell ya! you look absolutely darling.
    xo, elle from Living in Color.

    • Awww thanks Elle! I love going to baseball but I definitely wanted to make it a bit more stylish ;) I just got this vintage Vera scarf and it was perfect for Twins colors! :)

  2. Well im gona repit what i just wrote, something went wrong with my internet conetion. :( Hi!! First of all sorry to dont came earlier and say thank you to comment on my post the other day. Thank you so much for it thank you :)

    Now, looks like you had fun in the bastball, I remember when i went 5 years ago to one of them when I was living in U.S.A was wonderful !!!

    take care dear !!


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