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Checking In On My 2015 Goals

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Well we are already into month eight of 2015, which means I’m a little bit behind in checking in on my 2015 goals, but still important to do! That’s why I wanted to share today – perhaps a little selfish on my end to document my goals publicly so that I feel a bit more pressure to keep up with them.

{Move Out of My Comfort Zone More Often} I tell you what – this one has been hard for me to keep track of. I think moving into a new role at a new company has been the biggest challenge for me in my comfort level (even though it is absolutely what I wanted). I was at my last job for three years and nine months, and while I was super excited about the new job, it is hard to make new friends right away. There is always something different about making friends at work, you want to be professional, yet you spend at least 40 hours with them a week, so you want to be able to be yourself and relate on more than just work. I think I could continue to put in more effort to attending networking events around here and that’s exactly what I hope to do before the end of December!

{Say No When Necessary} I know this sounds silly still, but it has been so good for me. I am a people pleaser, so saying yes has always been my default. But when saying yes takes away a part of you – the healthy, happy you, it isn’t worth it. Luckily I have made so many good changes and improvements over the past couple months I have been able to say YES more than I have in a long time because I have the energy and I’m happy. Regardless, I am going to keep this in mind because saying no when necessary keeps me going without a major meltdown (or two or three).

{Work Hard – Blog Hard – Stick to an Editorial Schedule} Well let’s be honest – I was rocking at this earlier in the year and then boom – completely fell off again. Finding, applying to and interviewing for new positions was mentally and physically exhausting and once I had the new job, transitioning to a new commute (30 to 45 minutes longer than my last commute) and the new role took a toll at first. I feel great at the new job now, so I’m finally getting back into more consistency. I think my next obstacle to accomplishing this is a new computer. I hate blogging sometimes because my computer is old and slow, time to find a new one!

{Save, Invest and Be at Peace Financially} It doesn’t seem to matter when or how, but finances can always be the cause of anxiety and pressure. I feel good about my finances, but want to really start saving for the future – a home! I want to be in a home by the time I’m 30 – that’s two and a half years! I think I’ll start putting away a large chunk of my tax refund. I just need to find a good tax calculator first. I have been saving for various other things, but want to start creating a fund specific to a home. I also want to still learn more about stocks and investing!

{Health over Wants} I must say overall this year I’ve done very well with health. I have maintained and even lost a few more pounds. I’ve had some off weeks, but have immediately gotten back on the ball when it comes to my diet and work out plan. Even after taking two weeks off from working out last month, I went back to it and didn’t feel completely out of shape! I’m learning to say no to the things that may taste {really dang} good, but make me feel crappy later on. It isn’t always easy to say no, but it gets easier every time! We are also doing a great job cooking at home, which helps so much with both finances and health goals!

{Stay Focused} I don’t know if this was a turn 27 thing, or the fact I’m in a new role I love, but I feel SO focused. More focused than I’ve felt in a long time. Probably not this focused since applying for jobs out of college. And man it feels good! I feel good about friends, family, finances and all the other important things in my life. Feeling good about those things really can make you feel good inside. Also – I’m doing a better job of congratulating people on their successes instead of being “jelly” – sorry I love South Park! But seriously I feel like a lot of people I know went through a weird stage feeling really out of sorts while the rest of the world had it together – and always feeling jealous of those people. I don’t know what it was, but being happy for other people can really bring you a lot of happiness in and of itself and make you realize how much you have to be grateful for. I’m so glad to be back to feeling that way in my life.

{More Adventures} This one is SO exciting for me. I have had the travel bug since I was little thanks to my parents and this year I was bound and determined to take more trips – even if it was just an hour away to a new place in Minnesota or Wisconsin! And I’ve done it – and still have a couple trips in the near future this year! I’ve been to Taylors Falls, MN (So incredibly cute and charming), Miami, Las Vegas, Kansas City, MO and hopefully Dallas at some point this year to visit my best friend. I also want to make it to visit other friends spread out across the country – Seattle, Boulder and more! I’m thinking we’ll also be able to sneak in a couple more Minnesota trips this year – fall and winter can be absolutely gorgeous around here! My boyfriend and I are also in the process of booking a couple of our bigger trips for 2016. My travel heart is full!

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You are rocking your goals! I’m glad to hear that your new role has helped you be more focused. Taking more trips is awesome – I am trying to do that too, even with the little guy, a day trip somewhere is better than nothing!

Exactly! I always thought that I had to go somewhere “cool” or exotic to be happy with traveling, but honestly, it’s just going to discover a new place I’ve never been. Whether it is 10 minutes away or 10 hours away, I think it is always fun to go outside of the normal space we live day to day in!

Yes to saying no more! haha. I am right there with you on that front. Also, I’ve been riding out my old laptop for far too long (I can’t even use the thing without being plugged into an outlet and sometimes the letter keys randomly start typing numbers and I completely have to shut down)…so, I decided I’m going to invest in a new one since it’s tax-free weekend starting this Friday here in KC. I love and appreciate these updates 🙂

These are great goals doll!! Congrats on the weight lose and being healthy! I hope you achieve al these goals. I could do with saying no more and not feeling guilty if I do. Must work on it. xx

I'm so impressed with your list! I was just thinking about that today…it seems like winter just ended and now it's about to start again. :S Congrats and all your progress and good luck for the end of the year. 🙂

These are fabulous goals! I am so proud of you Rachel! I keep telling john I want to live rich not die rich, traveling is always something that I want to do more and more! I grew up traveling. I love that you can even go an hour away and find a fun spot to experience. I need to add that to my life!

XO Chelsea

I love your travel goal – truly it’s the experiences in life that matter most… I feel like we should go to Vegas with you two! You guys are veterans, and we’ve never been together!!!


Thank you so much Meredith! Definitely a hefty list, but I wanted to accomplish a lot this year. I do feel a little behind, but am thinking I'm going to make it a good August – December 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, and your support!

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