December Budget

December Budget

After all the shopping I did for Black Friday, I decided to not buy anything in December. Then, after Christmas sales happened and I got sucked into the amazing deals at H&M. I got all the above items at H&M on sale.

1. Embellished Sweatshirt – $5

2. Knit Vest – $15

3. Turtleneck Sweater – $20

4. Navy Blue Blazer – $25

+ Black Friday purchases: $345.87

TOTAL: $410.87

With Black Friday purchases, that number is pretty big! But I have been wearing all of my items from Black Friday a ton, and I can’t wait for these H&M items to arrive. I know I will be getting a lot of use out of them.

How did you do in December? P.S. Happy New Year!!!!!!

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I didn’t do well, but like you have been wearing a lot of things that I just bought in December. I had a hard time staying away from the sales too! Your finds look prefect for winter – so cozy!

Jess – J’s Style

I absolutely LOVE #4!!! I definitely went over my budget in December, I had hoped to only spend $50 and keep the rest for gifts but I decided to just buy a bunch of stuff for myself, so I spent quite a bit more. Oh well =/

Girl, you did good!! I’m such a sucker for those H&M sales and I love what you picked out. I think the only things I bought for myself in December were a new parka/puffy coat and makeup. But I just took a little trip to Dallas and spent about $125 in H&M!


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