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When it comes to work wear during the transition from winter to spring, I seem to have my own fashion transition with a shift from skirts to pants.  This usually happens because I get sick and tired of wearing tights. And I know a lot of fashionistas hate wearing tights, but I really do love wearing tights… so when I get to this point I am so ready for bare legs.  Although the weather has been significantly warmer lately, I’m still not sure that it is “bare legs season” yet in Minneapolis. So then I come to a fashion dilemma:  Do I keep wearing tights with skirts or do I attempt to create pants outfits for work that aren’t boring (which is really difficult for me)? Well, I loved my white pencil skirt (seen here and here) so much, that I decided to buy a pair of white trousers and it has sure helped my dilemma! Just having a new neutral color in my pants selection has really helped me be more inspired for pants/top combinations.  For a play on black and white, I wore my purple leopard print ruffle top and teal pumps. Viola! Dilemma solved!



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Banana Republic ruffle top $50 –

Vero Moda black sequin cardigan €32 –

Sateen pants $34 –

1928 square watch $35 –
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15 replies on “Fashion Dilemma”

Love the sequins with the animal print and those pants fit you perfectly.

I like wearing tights right up until about this time of year, when I hate it. I have to tough it out though because I ride my bike to work and tights dry faster in the rain than pants or jeans. Sad face.

Oh no! They really do dry faster, but sad face indeed about getting caught in the rain! Kudos for riding your bike to work everyday! I don’t think I would ever try that unless if my commute got shorter! Plus, I sweat really easily so I would not be pleasant to be around the rest of the day 😉

Rachel, I LOVE this look with the white trousers! A chic way to solve your dilemma! And those teal pumps are so fun with the white! Actually, I love the whole thing, including the sequins, leopard, and sunnies!

xo, sam

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