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I wasn’t trying to make this week a theme about fitness, but I wanted to share another look that I wear to walk the dog and work out since I spent a LOT of money on work out clothes last year (trading in my high school t-shirts for something more fun/cute)!

I have been doing a lot more running this year, which should have been an obvious choice for my workouts over the past couple years because I can just go and get it done and be completely with myself during that time. I think I was afraid of failing (long story on what I mean by that, you can read more about it here).

Anyway, Ellie and Fabletics have been two of my top choices for cute workout clothing, but I have also found a lot of other cute pieces at Athleta, TJ Maxx, Adidas and Nordstrom (which is where I purchased these Nikes). I used to run and then take Emma for a walk as a cool down, but when she sees me change into my “comfy clothes” she starts to jump, get excited and whine… so now I walk her as a warm up to my runs haha!

active wear top

ellie fitness style

fitness wear

^^^ Petting her to calm her down… pictures before the walk were a bad idea haha!

Long-Sleeve Top, Ellie (Similar here and here)

Leggings, Ellie (Similar here and here)

Nike Free Running Shoes, Nordstrom (Similar in leopard)

Aviators, Andrea Jovine via TJ Maxx (Similar and ON SALE)

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31 replies on “Fitness Style”

You look AMAZING! I attempted to take my sister’s dog on a walk/jog one time and it was a mess haha. She was all over the place and I can’t tell you how many times I nearly tripped and fell flat on my face.

Haha, yeah I cannot even attempt to run with my dog, she is so good in so many other ways but HATES being on a leash. She pulls me even when we are just going for a walk I’m sure I would trip over her or the leash if we tried to run or jog together 😉 That’s why dog walk first then I go for a run!

Damn girl, you look ridiculously cute in your running gear. I keep meaning to get back into working out — I’m a total slob and haven’t done it in like six years! But seriously, you make the choice look SO effortlessly glamorous. Maybe if I steal a little of your workout style, I’ll have an easier time. 😉


Omg so cute!! My dog will make an appearance later this week too! And I know what you mean about taking the pictures before the walk hahahaha! She was like why are we standing here?!? Love this workout look! That top is gorgeous!

<3 Shannon

Rachel, you are looking so good!! Seriously. And I’m obsessed with workout clothing! Cute workout gear encourages me to workout and I love using it for cute lounge-wear too. And I’ve said it before but will keep saying it…Emma is such a cutie! 🙂


AH! Oh no! Yeah, my boyfriend probably snapped close to 30 pictures to get just a couple of her staying still haha!

i’m training for a marathon this year, so i’m always looking for great running gear! love the detail on those pants! taking the dog for a warm -up is a great idea. i do that as well since my dog is getting older…

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