July Budget

July Budget

I can’t believe it is the end of July already!!!!!! I wasn’t planning on buying too much in July except for shopping in New York, but as you can see above, that was not the case. I won an American Express gift card as a part of being a grand prize winner, so my budget was a little higher this month than normal. In fact, I didn’t really set a budget, just went in with the idea that I might spend more than normal but didn’t want to go too crazy. The gift card is now being used for groceries, gas and other bills. But I did go a little crazy during JustFab’s BOGO and clearance sale. That’s okay though, I got some new wedges, one fun pair and one pair perfect for work, a pair of work-appropriate heels (heel height and style), a fun pair of boots for fall and a pair of strappy nude sandals. Oh and after buying all of that I got a free credit, so I got a new structured bag in grey as I have loved both of my other handbags from JustFab.

I also couldn’t resist a pair of booties from Zara that were on sale for $19.99! With a chunky heel, I have a feeling I will be wearing these ALL the time.

I was pretty well behaved in New York, but then again I didn’t have a ton of free time to do any real damage. I managed to purchase a black tank and yellow skater skirt from H&M, a pair of white distressed shorts from Lucky Brand (to replace my old pair) and some fun jewelry from the BaubleBar store in SoHo, which I didn’t know had a storefront until my trip!

1. & 2. JustFab – Buy One Get One Sale: $39.95

3., 4., & 5. JustFab – Clearance Sale: $44.85

6. JustFab – Free Credit: $0.00

JustFab Total: $84.80 (For 5 pairs of shoes… I AM OKAY with this!)

7. Platform Ankle Boots – Zara $19.99 + $0.00 in S&H = $19.99

8. Opal Earrings – BaubleBar $26.00 + $2.31 in Sales Tax = $28.31

9. Tiger Studded Wrap Bracelet – BaubleBar $26.00 + $2.31 in Sales Tax = $28.31

BaubleBar Total: $56.62

10. Tank Top – H&M $20 + $1.19 in Sales Tax = $21.19

11. Yellow Skater Skirt – H&M (Yellow found in stores) $20 + $1.19 in Sales Tax = $21.19

H&M Total: $42.38

12. White Distressed Shorts – Lucky Brand $41.99


Total July Budget: $245.78

This is definitely a lot higher than I want to be spending every month, but when you get a gift card and are free to roam the streets of SoHo in New York, spending a little more can only be expected. I am not shaming myself for this one! I am very excited about the new shoes and great deals I found!

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Shoe heaven! Glad you gave yourself some fun spending with that gift card! And you still got some great deals!


You got a lot of good shoes so don’t sweat it. Since you are the deal queen I need you to find me a denim vest, preferably distressed and a dark wash, cropped if they have it. Under $30. That is your challenge. Go!
(Just kidding!)

Haha, I WOULD LOVE to take on this challenge actually 🙂 I think it is fun to find particular styles for a certain price 🙂 Because I do that too… I always think up a specific style of a dress, etc. in my head then I have to find it and at the right price!

Brynn! I have not. I wore it briefly one night while in New York but didn’t get any pictures. I have been a bad outfit post person lately 😉 That will change next week!

I am loving those booties – they are sooo pretty! I can’t wait to see you wear them this fall! Also that H&M tank is lovely – I was recently at H&M and I’m sad I didn’t stumble across it 🙂

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