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Wedding Registry: Pottery Barn Picks

Pottery Barn Quilt - Wedding Registry Items

As you may know, our wedding planning has been coming along! From finding the venue to sending out our Save the Dates, there have been many exciting moments along the way. Don’t get me wrong, there have been plenty of frustrating moments (and a few, why are we doing this again moments), but planning our once in a lifetime day shared with the best friends and family is more than worth all of the frustrations.

And, as you might imagine, registering for our wedding is definitely one of the most fun moments! Creating a Pottery Barn Wedding Registry has always something we’ve wanted to do because let’s be honest – my fiancé and I have been in love with everything we’ve ever seen there! In fact, when we first started dating, we used to just walk around the store for fun to admire all of the beautiful pieces. From dishes and bedding to storage and decor, Pottery Barn has a variety of items we love and know will last throughout our marriage.