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Black Blazer Outing

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I only owned two graphic t-shirts before blogging, one of a band I support and the other a sailor t-shirt. After getting involved in blogging, I saw so many cute ways to style them that I knew I had…

Chambray + Metallic Skirt

- Outfits

So, I’ve seen this kind of look a few times and love the idea of a chambray shirt with a sequin skirt, but for work, a metallic skirt works a little better. I’ve seen Laura and Jessie (found on Pinterest,…

Florals + Bows

- Outfits

Two of my very favorite, very girly things/patterns to wear, florals and bows take over a large section of my closet. Also, who doesn’t love a little bit of florals when we are approaching spring. I like to pretend…