Channeling Carrie

Sex & the City is just one of those shows that I could leave on repeat and never get sick of. Lately I have been watching Season 6 over and over again since it is available OnDemand.  I really should just get the whole season in the big beautiful book! (Note to self: add to Christmas wishlist).  If you are a Sex & the City fan, you probably have picked out a favorite character and I can’t help but love Carrie, for many reasons, but mostly for her passion for writing (I am a writer as well, although very different as I write about manufacturing lines and sensors, I am still passionate about writing and miss writing for my college’s newspaper) and because she NEVER gave up on love.

Even after all she went through, she still believed she would find love and share her life with someone who loved her for who she is. In the season finale episode, when Carrie is telling Alexander about the party some Parisians are throwing her because they love her book so much, she is holding onto his arm wearing a big brown fur coat, cowl neck sweater, jeans and black boots.  Well Carrie, thank you, because you inspired this outfit and helped me wear my vintage brown faux fur coat for the first time! It is SO warm and will be making many more appearances in the upcoming winter months. Here is my favorite Carrie quote…Happy Monday: