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High-Waisted Leggings that Give Me Life at the Gym

picture of Rachel from Rachel's Lookbook wearing pink high-waisted leggings to walk dog

We are now pretty far into February, and if’ you’re like me, the new year brings about new health and fitness goals. While I can’t say I love walking to the gym in below-zero temperatures or blizzards, I can say that my love for high-waisted leggings has made it a little easier to make that trip the gym. I do a variety of workouts at the gym, and high-waisted leggings are the only way to go for me. From using the elliptical and biking to lifting and squatting, when I’m wearing high-waisted leggings I don’t have to worry about any unforeseen things happening. Do you know what I’m saying? Especially if you do any HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts that involve burpees. You want to make sure your leggings are keeping up with you!


February 2015 Budget


There is nothing that gets me more than a good sale at JustFab. It all started earlier this month when I wanted to purchase a new pair of jeans from JustFab. I like the way their jeans fit my curves, so I purchased a cute pair with zippers (seen here). Well that day, they were having buy one pants, get one half off, so I decided to purchase their luxe sweat pants (mostly to have something cute and comfy to wear on my flight to Miami and because Jacy made this style look SO good)!

Fast forward to President’s Day – and JustFab was having a huge sale (all sale items $14.95) on tons of styles – from jacket to shoes to handbags. So I went a little crazy and purchased a camo jacket, faux leather leggings (been needing a new pair) and two pairs of shoes, one pair of strappy sandals and one pair of wedges, to bring with me for my vacation in Miami!

SO here is the overall breakdown of orders:

Metal Zipper Jeans – $39.95

Luxe Sweat Pants – $19.95

For this order I had a $49.90 from a returned order, so the total was $10.02.

Strappy Heels – $14.95

Wedges – $14.95

Faux Leather Leggings – $14.95

Camo Jacket – $14.95

Total was $59.80.

Total: (with tax and free shipping) $69.82


I also bought a couple swimsuits for my upcoming trip.

Black Swimsuit – $16.17

Bow Swimsuit – $33.00

Plus shipping & handling – total: $65.12

Total Spent in February: $134.94

Gifted This Month:


I was very fortunate this month to do a collaboration with Lyst and Zhenya! Zhenya picked out this Michael Kors handbag and Guess snakeskin sneakers for me! I also received some ShopBop credit, where I got this gorgeous Caftan that I’m going to use as a cover up in Miami!

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Insta Weekend

Hello! I hope you all had a wonderful week! And if you are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day a day early like me, then have a great time. Decided to share some Instagram photos from my Vegas trip, showing a few more details of the trip. Have a wonderful weekend!


Super comfy travel style: faux leather leggings, striped top, leopard scarf and wedged sneakers.


Our first night wearing a jeweled top and not seen: red patterned skinny jeans.


Our view of the strip from the Hard Rock!


Day 2 outfit: snakeskin scarf, lace peplum, chambray and faux leather leggings.


Night 2: Guess dress via Nordstrom Rack (outfit post earlier this week here).


Anniversary celebrations with some champagne!


Night 3: Wore a little black dress for our 2 year anniversary to go see “O” and explore the strip!

And on that note, I swear this is my last Vegas post… at least regarding this trip!