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Summer Floral Maxi Dress

- Fashion, Outfits

While it may not be officially summer yet, it is to me! Once we hit June, those of us in Minnesota like to consider that we are in the “safe zone”. Which means, I’m breaking out all of my…

Fruit Stripes

- Outfits

Something about this outfit reminds me of Fruit Stripes gum… the stripes part is obvious but I think it is the colorful packaging that completes that idea in my head. Anyway, wore this on Sunday to watch the Bachelorette…

Friday’s Fancies: My Travel Outfit

- Outfits

So I’m linking up to Friday’s Fancies today, which was a theme of your perfect traveling outfit in a dream vacation setting.  While since I was just in my dream vacation in Europe, I decided to share an outfit…