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A Thousand Small Strides

- Outfits

This weekend was my little sister’s high school graduation and open house.  As I sat down at her commencement, I wasn’t overly excited to sit through close to 400 names being called off, but, of course, I was excited  to…

Sparkle & Shine

- Career, Outfits

I wore this outfit to my first Lia Sophia party, which was an absolute blast (and I bought WAY to much jewelry and drank too many margaritas!) My brooch is from Lia Sophia (seen here) and pinned on my…

Pleated Maxi + Floppy Hat

- Outfits

So before I say anything else about this outfit… this is how nice Minnesota’s weather has been lately! Definitely a month or two ahead of schedule on being able to stand outside in short sleeves without freezing! I bought…