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Why Traveling Is Important To Me

- Fashion, Outfits, Travel

Traveling is one of the most important things to me in this world. That’s why I set a travel budget for myself every year, and feel very anxious if I don’t have my next trip planned. From a very…

Wedged Sneakers

- Outfits

I have always loved a tights and cut off shorts pairing. Since I don’t  technically have a pair of “cut offs,”  I thought i would just wear my favorite pair of jean shorts instead. I immediately wore these sneakers this weekend after…

Leopard & Sneakers

- Outfits

What to wear when you go mini golfing and its super hot outside?! A light, sleeveless blouse, mini skirt and sneakers! This is what I wore yesterday to go mini golfing with my friend and then eating dinner (sticky…