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A Month of Outfits: July

- Fashion, Outfits

Which outfit is your favorite?!* Just realized I was liking the color yellow for my accessories 🙂 What was your July outfit go-to? *Click on any of the outfits to go to the full outfit post.…

4 Ways to Style a Summery Lace Dress

- Fashion

I got a new blue lace dress at Forever 21 when I was in London and right after I got it, I couldn’t help but think of how versatile it is! Here are some ways I’ll be wearing my…

Leopard & Sneakers

- Outfits

What to wear when you go mini golfing and its super hot outside?! A light, sleeveless blouse, mini skirt and sneakers! This is what I wore yesterday to go mini golfing with my friend and then eating dinner (sticky…