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It’s easy to find cute clothes on the high street. They’re cheap, and you can look just as good in them as designer clothes. You can even find replicas of popular designer trends. But sometimes that doesn’t feel like enough. Designer clothes might be more expensive, but they’re usually better made, longer lasting, and better fitting. Plus, there’s just something about having that original piece. But you don’t have to pay full price for a beautiful designer piece. And why should you pay full price if you don’t have to? By thinking ahead and being strategic, you can track down some great designer deals for a fraction of the original price.


Sales both in-store and online are the first place to look for designer bargains. Especially if you want a specific piece from this season or the last. You might have better luck looking for designer deals online than going shopping. From your computer, you can look at hundreds of shops that stock a certain designer. For example, you can visit for designer clothing online. There you’ll find deals on designers from Alexander Wang to Stella McCartney. If you’re looking for something in particular, it’s difficult to search through your local shops in the hopes of coming across what you want. Using a search engine is much easier.

Thrift Stores

Looking for designer items in thrift stores requires some planning and forethought. You should know which shops you’re going to visit and what you’re looking for before going on your shopping trip. While you might stumble upon a designer bargain in thrift stores like Goodwill, consignment shops are likely to have a higher chance of designer items. You will have better luck if you don’t have a particular designer or item in mind, but if you do keep going back and looking again. Thrift stores have sales too, so don’t forget to take advantage of them.

Auction Sites

Using auction sites like eBay is like combining online stores and thrift stores. You can find both new and used clothing and shoes at bargain prices. Many stores with high street and online shops also have an eBay store. These are usually reserved especially for sales and outlet items. Some items might be available to buy right away, but others will need some bidding skills and strategy. Try to bid on sales that will end when you’re available. Otherwise someone else might snap up your bargain while you’re at work. Always set yourself a budget of how far you’re willing to go. Don’t get swept up in the excitement of the auction and spend more than you can afford!

Finding a designer bargain takes some work. But it’s worth it for the thrill you’ll feel when you bag a pair of Jimmy Choos for half the original price.

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Summer Road Trip Essentials

Summer Road Trip Packing Essentials

At the end of August, my boyfriend and I will be road tripping to Charlotte, NC to visit one of my best friends and celebrate her wedding! We made the same road trip from Minneapolis, MN to Charleston, SC and then Charlotte, NC just three years ago, so I’m excited to embark on this road trip adventure again! It will be fun to reminisce because at the time we had only been dating for about five months, and now we have been dating for over three years. I’ll tell you what, you learn A LOT about a person on a 18-22 hour road trip… haha, but all good things!

Minneapolis to Charlotte

Packing for Charlotte Road Trip

packing for Charlotte

So in preparation for my road trip, I’m making sure I’m packing everything I need for a great road trip. We will be driving straight through the night, so wearing comfy clothes and having necessary cosmetics is really important. I am packing a few light-weight tunics/tops, a couple pairs of shorts, a dress, a light-weight sweater and some of my favorite summer sandals and wedges. And not shown, of course, is the dress and heels I’ll be wearing as a personal attendant at my friend’s wedding! More importantly are the few lifesavers I will have packed in my cosmetic case and in my purse for easy access.

Cosmetics for a Road Trip

  • The Rain is a wonderful, easy-to-apply face cleanser that I got in this travel kit. So if when I’m not driving and it’s getting late I can refresh my face with this cleanser and feel fresh and clean.
  • An SPF, sensitive skin moisturizer to keep my skin hydrated and red free.
  • A new tinted lip balm I got in my Ipsy July bag! It is wonderful and will instantly smooth my lips while giving them a bit of color.
  • A bright lip gloss from Pop! This is my go-to lip gloss when I feel like my face is looking tired. It adds a lot of beautiful color and will help me in those early morning hours throughout our travels.
  • And finally, Rohto Cool Max Eye Drops provide maximum strength redness relief specifically made to help whiten and protect irritated eyes,without the need for a prescription. I’m going to be needing these to keep my eyes clear and bright while traveling over 18 hours to Charlotte with little to no sleep!

Road Trip Essentials

Rohto Cooling Eye Drops contain an intense freshness formula designed to relieve irritation, sooth and comfort eye for up to 8 hours. Definitely will be one of my most used cosmetic items.

Rohto Cool Max Eye Drops

And because summer is high travel season, and they don’t call those overnight flights the “Red Eye” for nothing, Rohto is having a giveaway! Keep your eyes travel-ready with Rohto. Enter to win a box of Rohto Cool MAX along with a $25 Visa gift card to put towards the rest of your travel necessities.

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