Talk Thirty to Me: My 30th Birthday

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Hello Thirty! 30th Birthday

Today I am 30! I cannot believe it! This is one of those birthdays you start thinking about long before it ever comes. And yet, here it is! While I’ve had my fair share of uncertainty and fear about turning 30, it is here and I’m so excited to embrace it. There is this general fear (for many people) about turning thirty. And I think it’s a combination of many things. There is unknown territory. There is no expectation of what 30 should look like or be. There’s a misconception that turning 30 makes you “old”. In contrast, when I entered my twenties; I was still in college. I knew what to expect for at least the next couple of years.


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“Hello Thirty” T-Shirt: Etsy (EXACT) | Similar Skirt c/o Chicwish (Similar, Similar, Similar) | Matte Lips, #49 in Plum, c/o Burberry (EXACT)

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Cozy Winter Style

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My winter style with bearpaws

This winter has been a bit… well more wintery than normal. If you live in Minnesota or nearby, you know what I mean. Between the snow/ice and the negative temperatures, it seems like there is something new we have to deal with every day. Not that we haven’t in the past, just not all at the same time or so much in a row. I can’t complain too much considering we got a nice break this weekend – up to 40 degrees almost EVERY SINGLE DAY! And all of those days were glorious. Regardless, that’s why I’m looking to Bearpaw to keep me warm and cozy all winter. This Bearpaw style, Koko, is my absolute favorite. Simple, yet with a touch of faux fur they are stylish and the coziest pair of boots I own. In fact, I have worn them to work so much this winter my co-workers are starting to wonder if I own any other boots. I do … LOTS in fact … but none compare to the cozy, comfy style of Bearpaw!

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A Year in Review: 2017

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Hello friends! It’s time for another year in review (you can read last year’s review here) – and let’s talk about this year! The best one yet personally – I GOT MARRIED and so many personal wonderful life events, but yet another year of tragedy. Who knew that it could get worse than 2016 – with all that happened last year, it’s surprising to feel like this year was even worse. The natural disasters and the worst mass shooting of all. It is heartbreaking. I have A LOT to share about this year, many amazing life events for me and my family, but also, I plan to reflect more on how I can get more involved in my New Year’s resolutions post. For this post, I’m highlighting the positives of 2017. Get ready for a picture overload!

I GOT MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ending 2017 as Mrs. Sobieck :)

Thank you kiss -2

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