My 2018 Black Friday + Cyber Week Purchases

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I know it’s been a couple weeks already, but I wanted to share my Black Friday + Cyber week purchases! I have received all products now and am really happy with what I got for the value. I think I’m most in love with my new leopard sweater and the GORGEOUS eye-shadow palette (it is under $10 and perfect colors for holiday glam)! Check out everything I got:


1. Leopard-Print Sweater

2. Mock Neck Glitter Fit & Flare Green Dress

3. Burgundy Button Blouse

4. Striped Fringe Cloak

5. Off-the-Shoulder Top

6. Camo Long-Sleeve Shirt

7. Cable-Knit Navy Sweater

8. Keyhole Sweater

9. Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

10. Nike Sneakers


11. Stila Eyeliner & Mascara Duo

12. Living Proof Dry Shampoo & Sleep Mask

13. Ulta Trio of Facial Sprays: Prime, Set, Refresh

14. Milani Palette

15. Smashbox Trio of Primers


How to Freshen Up Post Workout #FebrezeYourGear

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This post is sponsored by Febreze.

After taking quite a bit of time (aka too much) away from my regular fitness routine, I am back at it! From high-intensity interval routines to my regular lifting schedule, I’ve been heading to the gym at least three to four times a week to get back in the regular workout groove. I have a goal of increasing this to four to five times a week as I progressively get stronger and back in shape. And let’s be honest, it will definitely be a great way to reduce stress and cut some of those extra holiday calories this time of year. Read More

Traveling to the Beach in Winter

- Travel

Not everyone enjoys the cold weather and for those that don’t, sometimes the best remedy is to head to the beach. Whether it’s a few hours or a few days away, there’s not much that beats getting out of the snow and hitting the sand and water. But when it comes to spending time on the beach, there’s always that pesky sand that wants to stick to your towel and your body. Read More