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Bird-Print Dress | Monday Mode

- Fashion, Monday Mode, Outfits

The weather in Minnesota has been anything but consistent – these photos are from last weekend when it was 60 + degrees. Currently, it is under 25 degrees. That’s how much things can change in the upper Midwest (aka…

Green & Gold | Monday Mode

- Fashion, Outfits

You guys – the PACKERS won last night and I couldn’t be more excited. It was a very intense game there at the end, but they pulled it off with a field goal in the last three seconds. I…

Engagement Photos | Casual Style

- Monday Mode, Outfits, Wedding

Hey all! I’m back to share the second half of our engagement photos. In case you missed the first set, here is the post about our dressed up/couple photos. For our second outfit and round of photos, we wanted…