Black Friday

So I got a little excited on Black Friday. I couldn’t resist Aeropostale’s 60% off and Old Navy’s 50% off everything. Also, found my dream Rebecca Minkoff bag on sale, so had to get it! (It is going to go with everything)!

Navy Cable Knit Sweater – Aero

Sheer Sweater – Aero

Green Cable Knit Sweater – Old Navy

Gingham Blouse – Old Navy

Knit Pom Pom Hat – Old Navy

Plaid Blouse – Aero

Blue Dress – Old Navy

Puffer Vest – Old Navy

Color Block Dress – Old Navy

Rebecca Minkoff ‘Mini M.A.C.’ Cross Body Clutch – Nordstrom

Total Spent Aero: (including one moto zip up sweater not pictured – completely sold out) $89.40

Total Spent Old Navy: $94.00

Total Spent Nordstrom (for the bag): $162.47

Total Spent: $345.87

Yikes, that’s about $250 more than I usually spend in a month, but I am happy with everything I got. I really really needed to update my sweaters because I have still be wearing some from high school that my parents gifted to me as Christmas or birthday gifts. I have tried all of them on and I am especially in love with my moto-zip and light-weight sweaters from Aero. They are super warm, cozy and look nice on. The cable knit sweaters will be great for layering! Speaking of layering, I purchased the plaid and gingham blouses specifically for layering this winter. Can’t believe I don’t have any blouses like this already!

The dresses I bought for work. I have cleaned out my closet a ton and only have a few appropriate work dresses (that’s bad right? considering I’m in the office 5 days out of the week….) Anyway, definitely just needed some simple dresses that are easy to throw on and accessorize.

I have been wanting a puffer vest and pom pom hat forever, so at 50% off, I threw those items in too.

Finally…. there is the bag. Did I need it? No. Do I love it? YES. Was it worth it. Totally. No regrets here 🙂 I hope to be doing more in depth reviews of these items as I wear them on the blog. Also, will be adding this total onto my December budget total at the end of the month!