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Stitch Fix Review: February 2018

- Fashion, Shopping, Videos

Hello all! Guess what?! I’m doing my first YouTube video in three years – yes you read that correctly – 3 years. And I’m sharing my Stitch Fix review from February 2018! My intention of course was to hammer…

Top Beauty Products 2013

- Beauty, Shopping, Videos

YAY! Another video… trying to do this once a week. I have seen so many beauty product videos where people are sharing their favorites from 2013, so I decided to do the same. It is A LONG video, but…

Styling Series: Layering Beaded Necklaces

- Fashion, Videos

Hey everyone, it is my third StylingSeries video and another video on layering necklaces… this time on beaded necklaces! Also, don’t mind Emma in the video I’m not sure if she wanted to be in the video or was…