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Do you hate shopping in stores, but are overwhelmed when it comes to the online world of shopping? As much as I enjoy both, online shopping provides me with the opportunity to search for the best piece at the best price, as well as finding endless unique options. While my blog provides information on where I bought items that I wear on a daily basis, sometimes it is hard for me to share my budgeting tricks because I find something at the right time (like a 2-hour only sale… yes they exist). Some people just don’t have time, some people hate shopping in general and some people just don’t want to pay attention to all the discount codes out there, but still want the best all around. I get it, so do I… so let me help you!

An online shopping package will include a consultation, which can happen over the phone, via Skype or even over email chat, whatever you prefer. I want to get a feeling of what you’re looking for, what events or purpose you have for purchasing an item so that I have an understanding of what I need to deliver for you. I will do the online shopping within the time frame you give me and your budget. Based on my experience with online clothing brands and stores, I will pick out the right style with the highest quality at the best price! Then, you can choose what you want from there! It’s simple, and fast. We don’t have to set up a time to go shopping together because I’ll do it for you and send you an email with my options.

If you want more information, please contact me at [email protected]. This is not a styling service, but would be willing to help with styling if you are interested. The main point of this service is to help you meet your budget goals when it comes to clothing and accessory shopping!

Copywriting, Blog Writing, SEO 

I am a full-time copywriter and SEO specialist, and I’m always looking for new freelancing opportunities. Please connect with me on LinkedIn and reach out to me at [email protected] to learn more. I can send out writing samples and my resume based on your request.


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