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My Promise - Rachel's Lookbook My Promise - Rachel's Lookbook

My Promise

I wanted to take the time to tell you more about Rachel’s Lookbok and my promise to you. Having been in the working world for more than seven years and running this blog for almost just as long, I’ve come across my fair share of sketchy, scammy, dishonest and immoral practices and businesses. I want to ensure that I, Rachel Sobieck, and my partner, co-business owner and husband, Joseph Sobieck, act upon three KEY values in life and in every action taken on this blog: HONESTY. INTEGRITY. MORALITY.

Every piece of content, every review, every product I link out to, I do so with integrity and honesty. I also take into consideration morality – and doing what’s right – when working with any company or brand. That doesn’t mean I won’t make a mistake every now and again, but I will always be up front and honest about it. I would never purposedly work with or direct you to a company that is immoral in practice, lies or knowingly tricks consumers. I am also contiously working towards an environmentally-friendly and ethical wardrobe and beauty routine to support these three key values that I hold near and dear to my heart.

I’m giving you my promise that when you follow my blog, my Facebook page, my Instagram, my Snapchat, wherever you might come across my content, I am doing everything with good intention. If you ever have a concern or question – please reach out to me directly at While I can’t promise I’ll get back to you immediately, but I will be sure to respond to your questions or concerns.