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Polka Dot Skirt

- Outfits

Found this vintage polka dot skirt at Goodwill back home in Iowa this weekend when I went shopping with my mom… couldn’t be happier with the find and wanted to wear it right away back to work yesterday! It…

Wedding Attire

- Outfits

I have finally reached that age where it is rare to go a season without a wedding.  Friends, cousins, friend’s friends… and before you know it, everyone is getting married! The question is what to wear? If you’re like…

Neon Details: Part 2, Outfit 1

- Outfits

Welcome to the first post of Neon Details: Part 2!  Neon Details: Part 1 (seen here) displayed some of my outfits incorporating the neon trend during winter (oh yes when lovely snow was still on the ground).  Now it is time…