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Long, Oversized Yellow Coat

- Fashion, Outfits

Hello FRIENDS! I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving weekend! This is my FIRST outfit post in awhile and my first outfit post as a MARRIED WOMAN! I look so different don’t I?! Haha, just kidding. You…

December 2014 Budget

- Fashion, Shopping

  Cable Knit Beanie, Forever 21 – $4.00 Checkered Fuzzy Sweater, Forever 21 – $29.80 Faux Leather Dress, Forever 21 – $16.99 Total + 30% off + Free Shipping (during Xmas sales!) = $35.55 So I’m definitely a little bit…

Summer Maxi Dress

- Outfits

Let’s ignore the frizzy hair and focus on how gorgeous this dress is… seriously though does someone have any blonde summer hair care tricks? My hair has been frizzy ever since the humidity started taking over Minnesota! Anyway, this…