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The Easy Path to Flawless Skin

Some people are blessed with naturally good skin while others need to work their way to have flawless and beautiful skin. Even people who have good skin need to take good care of it so their skin stays beautiful. If you’re a busy bee and you’re looking for an easy path to maintain beautiful, flawless skin then here are a few handy tips that are sure to help you.

Always Wash Your Face Before Bed

It doesn’t matter how much or how little makeup you apply, washing your face is just something you need to get into the habit of doing before you go off to sleep for various reasons. To begin with yes, it helps clean your face but that’s not all. Washing also helps to take off any layer of oil that’s settled on the face and opens up the pores allowing it to breathe. You can apply a serum and a moisturizer after you wash your face. Look for the best vitamin c serum for oily skin since this is great for a bedtime routine.

Try An Oil-Absorbing Moisturizer

Whether it is at night or during the day, an oil-absorbing moisturizer always works best. These moisturizers not only help your skin feel light and free, it also enables your skin to breathe. Remember the sticky feeling you get with heavy creamy moisturizers? You don’t need to worry about that when you have a light oil-absorbing moisturizer to work with. If you’re post 30 then you may want to use the matrixyl 3000 prior to applying your moisturizer. This helps to tone up your skin and reverses the early signs of aging too.


If you thought you could get away with simply washing your face then you couldn’t be more wrong. You need to exfoliate and scrub your skin at least once a week to help get rid of the dead skin cells and stubborn blackheads. This process is great for skin glow and it’s vital to help all your skincare products work its magic. When you exfoliate you need to use an oil based serum that can go deep into your skin and nourish it. Squalane serum is exactly what’s needed in such situations. It’s rich, nourishing and light on the skin.

Try The 3-Step Solution

Cleanse, use a serum and moisturize – this is pretty much all you need to do in order to have beautiful skin. If you thought you had to invest in multiple products to have the skin you always wanted you couldn’t be more wrong. A few good products are way better than multiple products that can create complications with your skin.

Looking after your skin shouldn’t be complicated. Complicated procedures are tough to follow and that’s not what you want for your skin. Even when you’re busy all you need to do is follow a skincare routine that will only take you a couple of minutes and you’ll have beautiful skin that is flawless and requires minimum effort.

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A Step-By-Step Guide To Nailing A Natural Makeup Look

Did you know that the natural makeup look is set to be huge in 2020? Nobody is saying that you can’t stick to wearing lots of different colored eyeshadows and bright lipsticks if that’s what you want, but sometimes it can be nice to apply a natural makeup look just for a change. If you’ve tried this before and failed, this step by step guide will help you to nail it! 

Step 1: Prep Your Skin 

If you’re going to nail the natural makeup look, then you need to make sure your skin is well prepped. You don’t need perfect skin, but you do need to prep it properly. If you can start even a few days in advance, sticking to your face routine and drinking lots of water, it’ll make a big difference! 

Here’s how you should prep your skin before applying any makeup:

Double cleanse
Eye serum/cream
Face cream 

Leave a few minutes in between each step so you’re not just piling products on and mixing them together. If you want to make sure that your makeup turns out as dewy and glowing as possible, you should apply a really moisturising cream or gel-like product. You could even apply a super hydrating mask for 10 minutes after cleansing! 

Step 2: Groom Your Eyebrows

Less is more when it comes to your brows in a natural makeup look. They don’t need to be perfectly outlined and perfectly defined. Instead, try to fill in the gaps and consider using a brow mascara to brush the hairs up slightly. This will give them a slightly messier look that many people are favoring in 2020. 

Step 3: Apply Concealer, Contour, And Other Cream Products (Not Foundation)

You’re probably used to applying your foundation before concealer, contour, and other products, so this might feel a bit strange. However, applying the other cream products before your foundation can actually help everything look more seamlessly blended. 

Use a cream contour stick to contour and apply your concealer where you need it. You can also use a cream highlight at this stage (which is great if you’d rather not have that powdery highlight look). You may also like to use a little cream blush. 

Step 4: Apply Foundation

Since you’ve already covered your skin with product, you don’t need to use as much foundation. Use just one or two pumps and then a wet beauty blender or brush to stipple it and blend all over your face. You should notice a beautiful blended effect – and this means a lot less work for you! 

Step 5: Apply Final Products 

Now it’s time to finish off this look however you like. If you have dry or normal skin, then you probably want to leave your face as it is without any powdery products like setting powder. However, if you have oilier skin, applying a light face powder could be a good idea. Don’t forget your nude gloss or lipstick – click here for the perfect shade. Remember, you’re going for a ‘your lips but better’ vibe. You may also like to add a wash of light eyeshadow and a quick slick of mascara, but don’t add too many coats! 

Setting spray can help to enhance a dewy finish and keep your face lasting all day. 

How do you do your natural makeup look?

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