Iconic Pieces You Need in Your Wardrobe

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There are a few things every girl needs in her wardrobe. Whether you use these key pieces on a regular basis or not, knowing they are there and being able to reach for them when you really need it gives you piece of mind and saves you from any frantic shopping trips. It is essential to get some investment pieces that are worth spending a bit more on to ensure they last for years to come, especially for these iconic pieces that won’t go out of style.

Here are some of the iconic pieces you need in your wardrobe:

A Leather Handbag

A leather handbag that suits your style and the rest of your wardrobe is a piece you will constantly reach for. A good quality one will be able to withstand consistent use, last you longer, and probably even be in good enough shape for you to be able to pass down. When considering which handbag to invest in, focus on quality and on a timeless style and color. Online there are many websites where you can find gorgeous and high-quality pieces, like for example the Italian purses by Mirta, all crafted by local artisans. 

A White T-Shirt

A white t-shirt can be dressed up or down, and when you have a quality tee it fits you perfectly and retain its shape between washes. Rather than having to replace your white t-shirts over and over, find a couple different cuts in a higher quality fabric or make so they last you longer and for a better fit. 

A Well-Fitting Pair of Jeans

There is nothing like a pair of jeans that fits you perfectly. It gives you a confidence boost when you put on a good pair of jeans and you’ll find yourself reaching for them over pairs that don’t fit quite so right. Opt for a standard wash and fit rather than a trendy pair that may go out of style in a season or two for that investment pair of jeans. 


A good pair of stilettos is an iconic piece to have in your wardrobe, even if you don’t wear heels on a consistent basis. You want to find a pair that fits your foot well, is comfortable, that you can walk in, and that will hold up over time. This means that when you do have an event you want a pair of stilettos for, you know which pair you can reach for and feel confident and comfortable in. 

A Pair of Hoops or Diamond Earrings

Accessories can really pull an outfit together. A timeless piece such as a pair of hoops or diamond earrings can elevate any outfit and be one you reach for special occasions or even on a consistent basis. A quality and iconic pair of earrings will last you years to come and is another piece that you can pass on with it still being in great condition. 

These pieces will never go out of style and you’ll have them for years and years to come.

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What Are the Most Popular Swimsuit Trends?

Are you looking forward to spending some quality time on the beach this summer? Or perhaps you want to, but don’t yet have a swimsuit that makes you feel gorgeous. 

Picking the right swimsuit has a significant effect on how good you feel while wearing it. Something that helps you feel sexy will also make you more confident.

A great way to approach this is by looking for the best swimsuit styles for your figure. Most women have a body type that shares one of five sets of characteristics with each looking best in a slightly different swimsuit style.

Once you have an idea of what to wear, you’ll want to know the current trends for swimwear to ensure that your swimsuit is stylish. We’ll take a look at a few of the most popular trends from the past year to help you buy the right swimsuit for summer!

High Cut Bottoms

One of the most popular trends from the past few years is high cut bottoms.

This refers to swimsuits that have a unique cut on the bottoms. The shape is much more resemblant of a “V”, with plenty of hip showing as the cut angles higher up your leg. 

Traditional swimsuit cuts go straight across your hips, but a high cut goes up at a sharp angle. This provides more support and can help eliminate the feeling like your bottoms are going to slip off at any moment.  

High cut bottoms are popular these days because they help your legs appear longer, which creates a slimming effect. They’re great for highlighting your legs and are much for flattering because of this.

Animal Print

Another trend that you can’t go wrong with is animal print.

This is something that’s never completely gone out of style, but it has become a trendy choice in recent years. Animal skin creates a pattern that looks very distinct on your body, which is a timeless choice that works great on many women.

When it comes to animal print, cheetah and leopard skin are the first two that come to mind. A solid color with distinct spots is very catching due to the illusion it creates against your skin.

Cheetah and leopard may come to mind first, but they aren’t the only contenders in the animal print department. Zebra skin, snakeskin, tiger skin, and even cow print are a few other options that will make you stand out in bestial style. 

Belts and Accessories

You should also look for swimsuits with belts and other small accessories on them. 

While you certainly don’t need a belt to hold your swimsuit up, it’s still a great choice for how it ties your suit together. Even if you don’t need help keeping your bottoms up, a belt is always a great choice for creating a contrast between your bottom and top. 

This works great for a swimsuit as it makes a clear distinction between top and bottom. For something like a one-piece swimsuit, this can be used to help define your figure.

In addition to a belt, you should keep an eye on pieces with minor accessories on them. Think rings, buttons, and clasps. These are also excellent for adding flavor to your look as they provide character and flair.


A final trend to consider following is sustainable swimwear.

Sustainability is something that has become a priority in recent years and it’s affecting several industries. Swimwear is one of these targets and it’s something that you might appreciate.

For sustainable swimwear, some companies make their swimsuits out of recycled materials. This makes them environmentally friendly as they don’t require new materials to make and create a use for something that would otherwise go to waste. 

You might think that something made out of a plastic bottle might be uncomfortable, but this isn’t the case at all. Sustainable swimwear still feels nice to wear, looks great, and helps you do your part to reduce waste. 

Closing Thoughts

When you’re picking out your swimsuit to show off your fabulous summer body, you’ll probably want to know what fashion trends are most popular. These matter because they speak to what styles are most appealing and what will make you stand out.

Some styles like all black are timeless, but sometimes you want something with more flair and this involves following current trends. For swimwear, you should look for high cut bottoms, animal prints, belts, and accessories, and think about shopping from a sustainable brand. 

Wearing a suit that includes these characteristics will help ensure that you look stunning on the beach this summer! Don’t be afraid to be bold and try something that you haven’t thought about in the past.

Photo by margot pandone on Unsplash

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Casual Weekend Style: Fribobble Fashion Long Cardigan

Hello! I’m back with my second post featuring Fribobble Fashion – you can see my first post wearing a yellow ruffle crop top here. You can get 25% off your first purchase with Fribobble by signing up for their newsletter! Also, you always get free shipping and it arrives within 3 to 5 days! This gorgeous light mauve long cardigan is perfect for the transition from winter to spring as it is light-weight and a beautiful color that makes me crave spring! Not to mention, it’s only $19.00!

Outfit Details

Long Cardigan, c/o Fribobble | Tank Top, Thrifted (Similar HERE, HERE and HERE) | Leggings, Marshalls (Similar HERE, HERE and HERE) | Nike Sneakers, Kohl’s (Similar HERE, HERE and HERE) | Pom Pom Hat, Primark (Similar HERE, HERE and HERE)

The best part about this long cardigan is how easy it is to dress down or dress up. Here, I’m wearing it in my favorite weekend style – super casual with a pair of leggings, tank top and sneakers. P.S. I’ve had this pair of Nike sneakers for years and am STILL obsessed! I’ve also worn it to work over a gray sweater dress with a belt + heels. It’s buttery soft and going to definitely be a most-worn piece in my closet.

Right now, Fribobble has some super cute items that have me craving spring! Shop my favorite picks here:

Jeans | Beaded Drop Earrings | Leopard Earrings | Palm Print Dress
Maxi Dress | Snake Belt | Sheer White Top |Bodysuit |Elastic Hem Pants

Shop the Post

Long Cardigan, c/o Fribobble | Tank Top, Thrifted (Similar HERE, HERE and HERE) | Leggings, Marshalls (Similar HERE, HERE and HERE) | Nike Sneakers, Kohl’s (Similar HERE, HERE and HERE) | Pom Pom Hat, Primark (Similar HERE, HERE and HERE)