What to Wear for Thanksgiving

Casual Dress Outfit

Still have no idea what to wear for Thanksgiving? I put together some ideas based on how casual or dressy your Thanksgiving might be this year. Usually I try to dress up a casual look (like the chambray and maxi skirt look below). Other casual looks include a dress with a scarf, socks and flat boots or skinny jeans, a sweater and loafers. If you are attending a fancy Thanksgiving dinner or buffet, or hosting your own, why not try a fitted dress with heels. And if you are like me, I will probably just change into sweats after the meal if I indulge a little too much!

Dressed Up Maxi Skirt Thanksgiving


Casual Style Thanksgiving

Fancy Thanksgiving Wear


Nothing Special


Yesterday morning was literally one of those mornings where I had 5 minutes to choose an outfit (15 minutes to get ready in total, whoops). The easiest route for me is a dress + blazer/cardigan and just match all my accessories. It seems so boring and blah, but sometimes it just works when you are trying to get ready fast. I chose my sequin black cardigan over my plain one though, just to add a little something more to the ensemble. It is still nothing special, but it happens. On the upside, the SUN WAS SHINING yesterday and got up to 46 degrees! I actually didn’t wear tights for this reason, but because I am refusing to wear them until next fall/winter, but it ended up working since I felt perfectly fine walking out of the office with bare legs at 5 o’clock. Cheers to that!



Casual Friday + Polka Dots

polka dots + scarf 5

This Friday’s casual outfit was a complete recreation of a look from Happily Grey (see her outfit here). I pinned this look awhile back from my friend and once I got this polka dot top for my birthday, I remembered how striking a beige/black polka dot top looks with a neon scarf (Yup, that’s right… I can seriously remember WAY too many of the things I’ve pinned… kind of scary). Since I just got my neon infinity scarf with my January budget, it was the perfect time to try this look. I hate to admit that Casual Fridays are not easy for me.  During the week I’m usually in pencil skirts, maxis or work pants, so I am really focused on dressing up.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being able to wear jeans at my job every Friday, but because I’ve been out of the habit of dressing more casually or dressing up jeans, it makes it hard for me to get it right. This is why I need inspiration… this is why Pinterest, other bloggers like Mary from Happily Grey and YOU make life so awesome. THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS INSPIRING ME!

Stay Classy My Friends. (haha, anyone else a fan of Anchor Man?!) Have a fabulous weekend!