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Wedding Registry: Pottery Barn Picks

Pottery Barn Quilt - Wedding Registry Items

As you may know, our wedding planning has been coming along! From finding the venue to sending out our Save the Dates, there have been many exciting moments along the way. Don’t get me wrong, there have been plenty of frustrating moments (and a few, why are we doing this again moments), but planning our once in a lifetime day shared with the best friends and family is more than worth all of the frustrations.

And, as you might imagine, registering for our wedding is definitely one of the most fun moments! Creating a Pottery Barn Wedding Registry has always something we’ve wanted to do because let’s be honest – my fiancé and I have been in love with everything we’ve ever seen there! In fact, when we first started dating, we used to just walk around the store for fun to admire all of the beautiful pieces. From dishes and bedding to storage and decor, Pottery Barn has a variety of items we love and know will last throughout our marriage.

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Four Ways to Improve your Home

Implementing a new interior design scheme or carrying out home improvements can seem daunting. Maybe your house is a little dated and calling out for a transformation, or perhaps it feels too small and you’re not quite sure how to make the most of the space. When you’re stuck in a decorating rut it can be hard to know where to start or what to change.

Here are some home improvement ideas to inspire:

Lighten and Brighten

Installing new doors and windows is the perfect way to improve your home, both on the inside and out. Old window frames that have been painted and repainted look messy and can make your home look tired. New windows give a clean and fresh look, add value, and they can also create an illusion of space. If your home is small or cramped, adding more light will help to open up the space.

Create Feature Walls

A feature wall instantly changes the look and feel of a room. If your home has a neutral palette, adding a bold color or patterned wallpaper makes a design statement. The bonus of this home improvement is that it only takes a couple of hours to execute. It is also easy to update if you start to get bored of the color scheme as you will only have to change one wall. If you’re unsure where to start, search online for inspiration.

Alternatively, you can make a feature wall without using wallpaper or paint. Use different color tiles to make a wall mosaic in the bathroom, install an oversized headboard behind your bed, or create a mirror or photo wall using frames of different colors, shapes and sizes.


Adding accessories such as bedding, cushions or patterned fabrics to your home can quickly update and improve any space. Carefully selecting key statement pieces can bring out the colors or theme in a room, such as a decorative bird cage for a shabby chic interior, a large ornate mirror to coordinate with a luxurious antique finish, or modern light fitting for a minimalist theme.

Use Your Books

Books can take up a lot of room, so why not use your collection to create a feature or separate functional space? You can construct a mini-library by installing shelving and adding seating next to a fire place, inside a bay window, in an alcove, or in a spare corner. This creates a relaxing haven, makes use of unloved space, and works in any size of home.

You can also use books to form a feature wall. By using floor to ceiling shelves on a wall with a door, you will make an unusable space purposeful while simultaneously creating a stand out design feature.

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How to Create the Perfect Country Cottage Look in Your Home

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If you are interested in trying out a new interior look in your home then why not channel Country Cottage chic, a rustic look that is bang on trend. There are many different takes on this style and you can put your own stamp of individuality on it. Take a look at the tips below to see how you caneasily get this look in your own home.

Print and Color

Farmyard prints are a great way to bring country chic into your home, use prints with farmyard animals such as roosters and rabbits for items such as tea towels and cushions, and mix these prints with large checked fabric and tweed for furniture or throws.

Botanical and insect prints can also be an ideal way to bring the outdoors in, making your home feel more spacious that it actually is. When choosing paint colours for the walls stick to neutral earthy tones with deeper reds and oranges for accent colours.

Wall Decorations

Hang objects on the wall such as antiques and paintings. Country décor is a transitional trend, meaning you can mix the traditional with contemporary for a modern spin on the trend. The country look also usually has a good mix of interesting items, which by no means does this mean that it has your home has to look too cluttered, especially if you lay out your chosen items in a cleverly considered way.

Fireplace Layout

No cottage look would be complete without a fireplace! If this isn’t an option in your home then why not invest in some country style lanterns with candles as an alternative that will still make your home feel cosy.


As a light coloured wood, Pine makes a good option for country style furniture as it will fit into almost any colour scheme or interior style. Pine furniture is also more affordable than other types of wood such as oak and noted as a typical wood type for country interiors. Check out websites such as Furniture Plus Online who are based in the UK for a wide selection of wardrobes, beds, dressers and much more.


Use quirky accessories such as cast iron deer hooks to complete the look, or an assortment of kitsch jars and tins in the kitchen.

Is your home decorated in a country cottage style? Get in touch to let us know and also check out the House to Home website for some visual look-book inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

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