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Vintage Floral Dress

- Fashion, Outfits

The best kind of dresses are vintage dresses. I own about ten of them and they are my absolute favorite dresses… unique, high quality, beautiful patterns and colors, fit like a dream and make me feel special. I tend…

Lady in Coral

- Fashion, Outfits, Shopping, Travel

So I must admit something: I am a liar.  The lying wasn’t on purpose, but it seems that my memories are getting confused these days.  My memories of great travels and wonderful shopping experiences, that is.  If you read…

On Cloud Wine in Napa Valley

- Travel, U.S.

Pin It Since my last post was about San Francisco, I decided to continue on the California vibe and post about Napa Valley, one of the best places I have ever been to: for the shopping, food and winery…