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evian Facial Spray Review

- Beauty, Skincare

I’ve heard about evian Facial Spray before, but haven’t given it a try until now. I think this is the perfect addition to my morning routine as well as anytime my makeup or face just needs a refreshed, rejuvenated look. The…

Lashem Brow Tint & Lift Review

- Beauty, Makeup

I have been trying out a lot of different brow gels and shaping products, and I must say I really am enjoying the Lashem Brow Tint & Lift in blonde. The best part about this brow tint is that…

Pantene Pro-V BB Creme Product Review

- Beauty

I am completely in love with BB Creams, so when I saw an advertisement for Pantene Pro-V’s BB Creme for hair, I was immediately intrigued. BB creams were developed to provide an all-in-one product that can do 5, 8 or…