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evian Facial Spray Review

evian natural mineral water facial spray

I’ve heard about evian Facial Spray before, but haven’t given it a try until now. I think this is the perfect addition to my morning routine as well as anytime my makeup or face just needs a refreshed, rejuvenated look. The light-weight mist of natural mineral water feels so refreshing and keeps your skin hydrated. I’ve noticed my skin looking less dry and feeling less itchy after adding this to my routine.

I at first started using it right after cleansing my face in the morning and allowing the moisture to work into my skin. This has been such a great addition as I feel my skin has been more vibrant and glowing since adding it to my morning routine. Additionally, I have started to use it anytime I feel I need a refresh. By simply spraying a little bit of mist over your face, yes, even a face full of makeup, your skin looks refreshed and makeup looks great without needing to touch up!

This bottle, as you can see in the photos, is now sitting on my desk. I spend so much time here after work and on the weekends for blogging or catching up on work I wasn’t able to get to during the day, that I decided I needed the evian Facial Spray next to me at all times. Like I said, very refreshing and the best part is it comes in three different sizes, a small one for traveling (which you better believe I’m bringing with me on vacation to Miami in March – 1.7 oz), a medium-sized one (5 oz. and perfect sitting at your home or work desk) and a large one (10 oz. and perfect for your bathroom to be a part of your every day routine).

evian facial spray review

So have you ever tried evian Facial Spray?! What do you think?

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I received this product for free to review on behalf of Brand Backer. All opinions are 100% my own.

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Lashem Brow Tint & Lift Review

colour strokes brow tint and lift

I have been trying out a lot of different brow gels and shaping products, and I must say I really am enjoying the Lashem Brow Tint & Lift in blonde. The best part about this brow tint is that it also has an enhancing serum to help with eyebrow growth. Luckily I have come a LONG way since the days of over-plucking (uh hello non-existent brows freshman year of high school) but I still am paying the price for those days. I would love to have naturally thick brows, but after my teenage years of over-plucking, I have to fill in my brows on a daily basis! A light foundation or BB cream, brows and lashes are always a must for me!

brow tint and lift

The consistency of this product is thick enough to really help make your brows look full, but not too much to make your brows look fake or too full of product. I also love that it comes in three different shades, so you can closely match your hair color and have a more natural look. One of my struggles going from brunette to blonde has been figuring out how to fill in my brows to make them look more natural and not as harsh. I tend to like bold brows, but I could not fill them in like I used to with dark hair. Best part – only $20 and a good sized tube. It is also paraben free and fragrance free. Make sure to check out Lashem for more info.

Lash 'Em Brow Tint & Lift Review

I also received two samples of Lash Em’s other products, including the Picture Perfect serum and the 3 in 1 Eye Bright serum. The Picture Perfect serum is AMAZING. It can help with fine lines and delicate areas around the eyes, which is what I’ve been using it for, or other areas you see wrinkles or over your whole face. I like when things give me immediate results, and you can instantly feel the smoothness with this product. The 3 in 1 Eye Bright serum feels great when applying it around and under my eyes. I use this in the morning to help hydrate around my eyes and I can feel it helping smooth out my skin. I think it will take more than a sample to see if it actually helps diminish any fine lines or wrinkles, but I do love the way it feels and it is hydrating! I would buy it to test it out long term.

Lash 'Em Brow Tint & Lift

So there’s my review – have you tried Lash Em’ products before? Let me know what you think!

Use the code BROW30BB to get 30% off and try out the brow lift & tint for yourself!

I received this product for free to review on behalf of Brand Backer. All opinions are 100% my own.


Pantene Pro-V BB Creme Product Review

Pantene Pro-V

I am completely in love with BB Creams, so when I saw an advertisement for Pantene Pro-V’s BB Creme for hair, I was immediately intrigued. BB creams were developed to provide an all-in-one product that can do 5, 8 or 10 things at once to provide the ultimate beauty product to hide flaws.  Pantene Pro-V Ultimate BB Creme was developed with the same idea in mind, saying it provides 10 benefits:

Repair for Rough Hair
Strength against Damage
Silky Softness
Brilliant Shine
Frizz Control
Heat Protection
Tame Fly-Aways

I am in marketing/advertising, so there are a few benefits I question just because there could be different definitions of these depending on who you talk to.  For example, I wonder what they mean exactly by repair for rough hair and manageability? When it comes to manageability for hair, I think tangle-free, whereas someone else might think it just makes it easier to style your hair. Maybe it means both? Anyway, I am just bring this up because when I buy a new product or am giving a review, I just want to make sure  it is clear that I am trying to give the best review I can based on the claims and what I find to be true.

As some of you already know, I recently colored my hair be more blonde, which I love, but I can already feel the damage from highlighting it. That was my main reason for buying this product last week. I have been using it on a daily basis along with my color protective shampoo/conditioner and Moroccan Oil.


After using the Pantene Pro-V Ultimate BB Creme for almost a week, I find that a lot of what the product claims to do is true and it seems to be a great product that I will continue using and most likely buy again. My hair has been really hard to brush through after showering with the recent color transition, so after I shower, I run a couple pumps of the BB creme through my damp hair, which makes it a lot easier to brush through.  It definitely seems to help immediately moisturize and smooth my hair when I apply it.  After blow drying and straitening my hair, it has been very smooth and the frizz/fly aways have been reduced. Typically I use my John Frieda Frizz-Ease Smoothing Creme for this, but because you can apply the Pantene Pro-V BB Creme to both damp and dry hair, it seems that I no longer need the frizz ease creme and can just apply an extra pump of the BB creme to my dry hair. I would like to believe it helps with heat protection, but how would you know this for sure? I guess because my hair looks healthy even after blow drying/straightening it. It has also helped me detangle my hair before blow drying, which has really been helpful since I got my hair colored. Moroccan Oil also helps with this though, as well as giving me shiny, healthy looking hair, so some of these results may be attributed to the oil (which I love and will continue to use ALWAYS).

Pantene Pro-V Creme


All in all I give this product a thumbs up. Even though it might not do everything it claims (or how I interpret some of the loose definitions/wording), it definitely has helped give me smoother, tangle-free, more manageable hair, as well as helping with frizz and fly aways. It is a nice size and has a well-made pump (you know, not one of those that is going to break on you right away). On a final note, this stuff smells AMAZING. I have been making my bf smell my hair every time I use it and he loves the way it smells too!


Quality – 8    Packaging – 9    Pricing – 10    Overall – 9

If nothing else, for a mere $7, your hair will smell amazing!