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Europe Trip: Street Style

Geek Chic Street Style

Seen in London: Street Style


As I said in my first travel post this week, I so badly wanted to take photos of the amazing street style I saw, but 1. sometimes these jaw-dropping looks were already past me before I could even think to grab my camera and 2. How big of an American creep would have I been? Some may have found it flattering, but I was worried most would find me strange.  Thus, I relied on my visual memory to write down the looks in my journal later and re-create them on Polyvore.  Of course, this doesn’t do these fabulous women justice because their hair, make-up and vibe cannot be displayed through these looks.  But here are a few and I will be sharing more with you soon!


Airport Chic

Seen in Dublin: Airport Style



London Street Style

Seen in London: Street Style

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