How to Make Every Inch Count in Your Family Bathroom

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That old adage about waking up on the wrong side of bed can be misleading, can’t it? In fact, it’s those first few minutes after you open your eyes that genuinely define your day.

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Perhaps it’s seeing glorious sunshine streaming through the curtains to lift your spirits, or maybe it’s stubbing your toe as you clamber out of bed that leaves you with a face like thunder for the next 12 hours. These are the moments that can leave you at odds with the world or at one with it.

So why is it that we don’t pay more attention to the most important mood room of the house? The bathroom.

It’s the first room we pay a visit to in the morning and the last one we leave at night, yet often bathrooms can come low down on the list of ones to renovate and redecorate. Yet a bathroom can be many things – an oasis of calm, a retreat for us to collect our thoughts before taking on the day ahead, a cramped space we can’t wait to get out of . . .?

While the bathroom certainly doesn’t need to be the biggest room of the house – in fact, it is frequently one of the smallest – any interior designer worth their paint brush will tell you that making this room feel warm and welcoming is hugely important.

Here are just a few handy hints that can turn even the most trimmed-down toilet room feel vast faster than you can say “rubber duck.”


You’ve heard a billion times that white makes a room look bigger. And yet many homeowners are still reluctant to experiment with the brightest colour scheme around.

A common misconception with white is that it lacks any personality or creativity. By using white on one or more walls, DIY-ers can actually express their artistic flair further by being more ambitious with their choice of colors for accent walls, bathroom cabinets and other furnishings. Even just one white wall and a white ceiling can work in tandem to create a more airy feel.

The Tub


In tight spaces, many homeowners can be tempted to throw the tub out with the bathwater. Or worse, cram an oversized tub into a space that just won’t take it. But don’t resign yourself to a shower too soon. There are plenty of tub designs out there for limited spaces.

Corner baths can work well in the right space, while deeper, shorter baths are also great for those who feel that having a long soak at the end of a hard day is still a rare luxury in life.



We are all familiar with checking our North, South, East and West when assessing the garden of a new home, but in actual fact the bathroom is one of the first places you should start with your sundial. Ensure that your lightest colored walls are the ones that reflect the rays coming in the window in the morning and you’ll find it much easier to come round after a long night’s sleep as you brush your teeth.

The importance of a mirror cannot be underestimated, either. A good mirror will emphasize the space you have and make it bigger. There are however things to bear in mind. Keep things simple and go for one large mirror. Avoid several smaller mirrors as they will take up a lot of space without accentuating the space of the room as much.

You may want blinds or shutters for aesthetic reasons, but if you can install frosted glass to keep the privacy then don’t block out any more light than you have to in the bathroom.



So you’ve fitted the tub. Why not install a shower as well? Fine but in a small bathroom, a clunky cubicle can often be too imposing. Instead, think about choosing a clear glass panel behind which you can create your own mini wet room. And as an added bonus, you’ll have fewer panes to keep clean.

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