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My Love for Cable Knit Sweaters & Thoughts on Life

fall style with floppy hat

Holy moley, it has been a crazy week. I mean, I knew it would be, but I have never been more thankful for Friday than today! Last weekend, I headed home to my stay with my parents Friday night and then went to my friend’s wedding on Saturday. I stayed through dinner and then headed back to Minnesota, got in around 1:30 a.m., then woke up at 8 a.m. to finish packing/move all of our belongings on Sunday. Sunday night, we headed to our new home with our good friends who are truly lifesavers for allowing us and our dog Emma to stay with them for two weeks.

peach cable knit sweater + floral dress

It has also been a crazy emotional week for me. Every time I see my group of college friends, my heart feels full. It’s true that with every single one of my girlfriends, it’s like a day hasn’t passed since we last saw each other. They really are the best of friends! These are the friendships I will have forever, and I am so fortunate to have people who will be there for me and will support me through the rest of my life.

layering a sweater over a maxi dress

Also, the move. I got crazy stressed out about this move, which is silly really because moves happen and everything somehow gets done. Moving is really more than just moving (such a profound thought, right?), it is the end of something and the start of something new. Last year when we moved into our old apartment, it was a fresh beginning. We were living so much closer to downtown and uptown Minneapolis, and it was nice to be closer to many of our friends, but at the same time, the apartment never really felt like home to us. We barely took the time to decorate or hang things on the wall because I think we knew it would just be a passing by.

layering a sweater over a dress

And while life was amazing since our last move into the beginning of 2014, it quickly turned into challenge after challenge for me. This year I have continued to struggle with my weight, body image and confidence. I have struggled with friendships and felt completely lost in the direction I want to go in life. It keeps circling back to a feeling I have that I’m not enough. Never being enough for my relationships, at work, with the way I look or anything really. While thankfully I’m starting to move on from this mindset, it has been really hard for me. I have to have “self talks” and even have sadly needed validation from friends or family just to feel okay. Which isn’t okay. I am hoping to continue to relax and enjoy myself at my friends’ place over the next week and hope this move is exactly the fresh start I need. While I am not completely depending on a new apartment to get me out of the rut I’ve been in, I am certainly excited and looking forward to it. I don’t normally talk about religion or religious beliefs on my blog because I know not everyone believes the same things I do, but I have to say I truly believe God is testing me right now and has gotten me through a lot lately… it is so great to have that spiritual part of my life. I have so many things to be thankful for and perhaps it is cherishing the simple, and best things, on a daily basis that I need to do to get back to the happiest version of me.

fall style

Anyway, sorry for the very long, random personal post, I realize this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. So if personal posts aren’t your thing, here is the outfit I wore a couple weeks ago to take a break from packing and get out of the apartment for a bit. I have really been into hats lately (could you tell?) and am forever in love with cable knit sweaters. They are cute and chic, and this one in blush is just perfect for a bright color to go through the remainder of fall and for this winter. Also, this sheer (and I mean VERY sheer… as I’m wearing a maxi skirt under it) maxi dress is lovely and perfect for layering with a sweater. I can’t wait to style it in different ways, whether as a dress, an open-sheer maxi cardigan, a top or as a skirt again.

cable knit sweater + maxi dress + booties

Also, my title should probably be switched: Thoughts on life – many long paragraphs THEN My Love for Cable Knit Sweaters: One sentence. As always my friends, HAPPY FRIDAY and have a wonderful weekend!

fall style

Sweater, c/o OASAP

Maxi Dress, c/o OASAP

Hat, TJMaxx {Similar}

Skirt Under Maxi, Thrifted {Similar}

Booties, ShoeDazzle {Similar here and here}

Lip Gloss, Star Looks in “Guilty Pleasure” – LOVE this gloss, found via my Ipsy bag

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It’s totally normal to go through periods like this, where you’re not sure where you are headed in life and wonder what you’re supposed to be doing and if you are doing it well. I think it’s especially normal during times of transition. It sounds like you have a really strong support system with your family and close friends and your boyfriend and even this blog, and that is so great. It’s great to talk about and get support and words of encouragement and advice. Good luck with your move. Hopefully, the new start will help you start figuring other stuff out, get you out of your rut, and start moving towards a more happy and healthy outlook. xoxo.

Thank you so much for your comment! It is always nice to hear that it is normal, and that many, if not all, people go through these types of stages in life and feeling this way. I’m definitely at a point of transition and I’m ready to move ahead! And I am SO lucky to have such great people in my life to support me. They help me get through the worst and help me smile even when I’m not feeling the best! Have a great weekend 🙂

2014 has seemed like a hard year. I’m sorry it has been the same for you. You are beautiful!! I know what you mean though. Weight and body image are something I have always struggled with. I hope you can get some rest this weekend after your crazy week. Love this sweater combined with the darker floral.

Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog!

xo, Amy Ann
The Real Arnolds

I don’t think you should ever apologize for getting things off your chest if you feel like sharing! Things will get better girlfriend, I just know it! I hope you start feeling settled in your new place soon 🙂

I think we all go through those seasons of life, it is so hard when you’re going through it but you’ll look back later and see that there was probably a reason, even if it isn’t clear right now. My friend was saying that 2014 is the year of the horse and apparently that also stands for change – I think that’s definitely been true in my life right now. I hope that things continue to look up for you as you keep moving through these transitions!

Ahh love this!! I have that maxi too and love it! But yes it definitely needs a slip haha! Love how you layered it with the sweater! Super cute! Have a great weekend!

<3 Shannon

Girl, RIGHT?! haha definitely! I was like WHOA. Did not realize it would be sheer when I place the order haha!

Rachel, I love the fun way you styled this Fabulous Floral Maxi Dress. The pink sweater and gray hat are gorgeous. I am currently doing a Pink-themed link up on the blog until Oct 31st. This outfit would be perfect for it so welcome by and link up.

Wishing you a great weekend, pretty lady!

<3 Ada.

Good thoughts and well written. Looks like a skinny girl here to me with fabulous smile and taste. You look great. It's good to look outward because then you notice all the things in the world that are wonderful and right in front of you.

Oh man, where to start? First, adorable outfit, but that’s really the secondary thing about this post, isn’t it? Moving is definitely a time of stress and reflection! It sounds like you’re at a crossroads in life and it’s great that you’re taking the time to carefully consider how to move yourself in a better, healthier, direction! I think it’s great that you had the courage to share the “real” you and the personal things you’re going through. That in and of itself is inspiring!
Gina- On the Daily Express

First off we are human and go thru things like this. Moving is always hard no matter it be a big or small one. I can totally relate with you on the struggle with weight. I have been there. I have been doing much better now. That I don’t step on the scale.

Good luck with everything. Also you outfit so scream my fair lady.

Aw such a cute look! I love how you paired this flowy skirt with a cable knit sweater…I would totally do this too 🙂
Anyway, it sounds like you have had quite the busy time but filled with family and friends and happy memories. Don’t worry about this past year…things will work themselves out. Time will tell so just focus on today! I hope/know things will get better for you!
xo Olivia

I really loved reading this post, Rachel – it’s so great to hear about your thoughts and perspectives on life. I’m so sorry to hear this has been a trying year for you. I really hope that you start to feel more fulfilled soon, and that this move is a literal and figurative fresh start for you!! 🙂

I hope you know I love personal posts. I agree that life just SUCKS sometimes, you know. And sometimes we just need time to figure it all out, I am here for you but know that with moving, friends, self love is all a process. I am in a little bit of a sad mindset as you know lately, so I can totally relate. I like your idea on self-talks. I do not have many of those but think I should more. Thank you for inspiring me each and everyday Rachel, I love our friendship and one day know we will meet and be close! Hope you had a nice weekend <3 Thank you for all of the love over this past week.

XO Chelsea

You look gorgeous doll…so sorry to hear you’ve been feeling like this doll, we all have these moments, I do too. You will pull through to the other side and all will be wonderful :)) You are stronger than you know. BIG BIG hugs to you xox

Hey there, doll- times like these are totally normal. I’m so sorry you haven’t been feeling like your best self, but the first step in the right direction is to identify it and take some time for you! I’m happy for your move and hopeful it brings a new beginning. 🙂

Le Stylo Rouge

I love the blush colour jumper and the skirt is my favourite! 🙂 I know how you feel, I’ve moved my whole life and had to start over in every place. Sometimes life gets rough, but faith and hope always helps, especially for balance in life. You will get through this, and I hope you have a peaceful rest of the week.
Frightfully Fabulous

I love that you felt you could open up here! I’ve gone through a lot of these struggles too, and boy is it tough to break out of that mindset. A fresh start (even if it’s just an apartment) will be so helpful! And, rely on your faith in God and just know that he has a plan for everything 🙂


You are amazing and should be so happy with yourself! I know how it is though to feel like you don’t know where you’re at in life. Last year, my husband and I lived in 5 different places in 6 months before buying our house and now we’re thinking of selling our house (shhh, we haven’t told many people that). And I’ve struggled with girl friendships my entire life. In high school my best friends were mainly boys. Anyways, I just want you to know I think you’re pretty darn awesome are you’re super gorgeous! I know I’ve told you before but seriously, can your eyebrows be any more perfect?! I know that’s a weird thing to be obsessed with but I love an great eyebrow. lol. I saw this guy walk into Starbucks the other day and he had amazing eyebrows and I told him that and I think he thought I was crazy. lol. Any, now you know I’m a weirdo. lol. Keep being your awesome self! 🙂

My lovely Rachel, I am sorry you are going through some hard times but just remember after rain always the sun follows. I think many of us go through life stages like that, me included, I had such a rough year last year but it gets better and I do believe that god tests us and want us to give some messages on our path that we dont grasp in that moment but later. Its sometimes a preparation for further periods in life. In times like that support from family and friends is everything. Keep your chin up, you are so wonderful in side and out and that outfit is just as adorable as you are, probably one of my favorites ever.


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