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Office Beauty Necessities

There are so many beauty product choices out there and it’s hard enough to choose what to have on hand at home, without overwhelming your bathroom and storage space with cosmetics, (my bathroom is as full as it can be!) so when it comes to the office, knowing not only WHAT products to have on hand at all time, but WHICH products is vital.

Here are some of the products I keep on hand while I’m at the office:

Lip Balm:  I always have Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in caramel and ChapStick in cherry on hand at work.  I like to use the Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer when my lips are feeling a little dry and I need some color (and I don’t feel like fussing with lipstick or lip gloss).  I have always kept cherry ChapStick on hand for moisture and when it gets cold out (it feels most soothing on chapped lips).

Hand Cream:  I recently discovered Paul & Joe hand cream and I absolutely love it!  For being a hand cream, it is very light compared to some of the thick, heavy kinds I have used before and is scent free.  Having scent free products at the office is important because you never know who might be allergic to certain scents and just out of respect for others and their space (strong scents, no matter how good they smell to you may linger and spread). Also, it has the cutest design and is small enough to fit right by all my office supplies.  I make it a routine to use it after I wash my hands to keep my hands from getting dry and cracked.

Light Pink Lip Stick:  Light pink lipstick is the most versatile color for the office in my opinion.  It still gives you a color different from your natural pink shade, but it doesn’t stand out as much as a rich red, berry or bright pink.  I keep Clinique’s “Precious Pink” on hand AT ALL TIMES.  This was also my go-to for interviewing.  It helps you look more alive and awake while staying professional.

Berry Lip Stick:  Besides having light pink lipstick on hand (or a more neutral color), I would also have one color that you absolutely love.  I carry Maybelliene’s Mauve Me in my purse, so I always have it available at work too.  It’s a rich berry color that I find goes well with a lot of my work attire and is still professional looking.

Mini Mascara:  If I don’t take my time in the morning doing mascara, I usually get it on my eyelids or it just ends up looking clumpy.  Somedays I completely apply my mascara at work.  I’ll just throw my mini Laura Mercier mascara in my pocket and use it when I need to use the restroom, or I use it as a touch up because I might only have time to apply one coat before I leave my apartment.  I got my mini Laura Mercier as a free sample from Sephora when ordering some products online.  Sample sizes from Sephora are perfect to bring to the office!

Hand Sanitizer:  I have a mini Up & Up one from Target that sits perfectly on my desk.  It’s a better alternative than walking all the way to the bathroom to wash my hands before eating lunch, which I usually eat at my desk.  I also use it after a surprise sneeze or two, which happens to me a lot! (I must be allergic to staying indoors all day!)


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    clara turbay
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    I like the way you show your inspirations!

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