Praying for Boston



Today my prayers are with Boston. After the horrific events that took place yesterday, I couldn’t go on today as if nothing had happened. I am deeply saddened. I know at least 5 people who were running in yesterday’s race and just 3 years ago I was there standing at that finsih line to cheer on a good friend. I have wonderful memories from watching this and am sad to know that those who worked so hard to get to this race and participate as well as those who supported all the runners will now remember this day as a tragedy. My prayers are with all the victims and friends, family and supporters there yesterday. #prayforboston

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Jackie, luckily YES everyone I know is safe. So scary though, I can tell you I was about to have a panic attack at work yesterday. Times like this I am so glad for Facebook, so they could easily make updates to let everyone know they are okay!

Thanks Alyssa. I am so sorry to hear about your situation yesterday. So glad everyone is safe on your end too. xo

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