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Spring Style: Women’s Hats

- Fashion, Outfits

So far the weather in Vermont has been what you would expect of springtime: a few chilly days, a few warm days and a lot of rain. Also, just a little snow – like 15 minutes worth, but nothing…

Summer Days in a Red Polka Dot Dress

- Fashion, Outfits

Hello friends! Happy July, happy summer! I hope life has been going well for you. The red-fire heat of summer is here to stay, and I’m embracing it with some red of my own. Over the 4th of July,…

Long, Oversized Yellow Coat

- Fashion, Outfits

Hello FRIENDS! I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving weekend! This is my FIRST outfit post in awhile and my first outfit post as a MARRIED WOMAN! I look so different don’t I?! Haha, just kidding. You…