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The subject of boots although exciting, can be overwhelming! I actually just had this conversation with my little sister. She said shortly before Christmas that if nothing else she’s always happy with a great pair of boots (and I couldn’t agree more!)  And in further discussion, we realized how hard the decision can actually be because there are so many amazing boots out there.  Over the knee, just under the knee, mid-calf, booties, gray, dark gray, black, brown, tan, light brown, colored, suede, leather, studded, buckles, laces, bows, pointy toes, rounded, heeled, flat… the options are endless!

The other thing that’s difficult for me in choosing the right type of boots is trying to find something that mixes your style and what’s practical (for the climate and the number).  For me, picking out a pair of heels is so much easier than boots, even though the options there are endless because when I pick out heels, I have a very distinct style and know what I’m looking for (bright colors, strappy, details), but with boots I have a harder time picturing my overall look with each pair.

Here’s my narrowed down boot collection and why I chose them for style and practicality:

Suede Green- Steve Madden:  I got these as a gift from my older sister for Christmas a couple years ago and she nailed it!  Cute, simple, easy to slip on, AND in olive green (My Peter Pan boots!), mixing up the typical neutral boot colors I already had.  Downside… I cannot, CANNOT wear these when it is icy.  I fell the first second I stepped outside in these and it was icy, they have no grip. Perfect for non-icy fall/winter days!

Heeled Suede Black Tall Lace-Up Boots- BCBG Generation:  I just simply love these.  I think out of my whole collection that these speak to my personality most.  They are fun and can be worn folded over or all the way up and have the simple lace-up detail in the back.  A good chunky heel makes them easy and comfortable to walk in.  Also, they give me a bit of an edgy look… almost look like pirate boots!

Heeled Leather Black Tall Boots- Chinese Laundry:  I got these half off and love that they are similar to my BCBG black pair, yet so different!  I wanted the shiny leather look and I think these work better with my work attire compared to my BCBG ones that are more fun for nights and weekends.  You can see how I’ve worn them in an old outfit post here.

Flat Suede Black Boots- G by Guess:  I simply got these to wear as a cute, errand-running or meeting up with friends boot.  They are comfortable, extremely warm and great for snow days and ice.  Where I live, I can’t choose all of my boots based off looks…  I have to play Mother Nature’s game and I think I found a cute pair to do that in!

Gray Leather Booties- Nordstrom Rack: I love these booties because they are so comfortable and seem to help elongate my legs (even though my legs are already pretty long).  Sadly, they immediately got a “worn” look, which isn’t exactly the best for this look, but they are still an amazing pair for me to wear out or to the office.

Gray Suede Booties- Steve Madden Luxe: I got these on super clearance at DSW and feel in love with them!  The detailing in the middle of them is exactly how I like to accessorize (with metallic) and they are extremely comfortable.  I typically wear these for a fun night out, but occasionally will wear them to dress up a more basic outfit.

Flat Gray Suede Lace-Up Boots-  White Mountain: These are my ultimate snow-going boots and give me a “snow bunny” look.  These don’t usually fit under my “style” but they are still cute and definitely practical for where I live.  Basically, they are my warm, necessary pair that I cannot live without. Who knows, maybe I’ll draw some inspiration from your boot looks! I would love some advice on how to pull these off with more fun/ fashionable looks besides skinny jeans and a sweater.

Mid-Calf Brown Heeled Boots- Nordstrom Rack:  I got these as a brown heeled pair that differs from my black heeled pairs and found that I love the shorter style of boot!  These are also extremely comfy and can easily work with casual or dressier looks.  Downside on these… I have to be sitting down to get them over my feet!  Not sure if that’s just part of my daily struggles or if they would be that hard for someone else to put on as well! You can see how I’ve worn these in my faux-fur outfit post here.

Flat Suede Brown Boots- Nordstrom Rack: I have to have my two basic neutrals, black and brown, in a suede flat boot.  They are just so functional and this pair in particular I love for the top cuff (sweater material) and gold buckle.  They are definitely a multi-purpose pair that looks cute with more casual outfits.

Vintage Tan Cowboy Boots-  Vintage-Ragstock in Uptown Minneapolis:  I never used to have any interest in owning a pair of cowboy boots until I realized that they really can make an outfit look chic (paired with the right combo) and are super warm, comfy and great for cold weather!  I love the roughed up look of this tan vintage pair, and for under $15, I had to make these cowboy boots an official member of my boot collection.  You can see how I’ve incorporated these in my very first outfit/blog post here!

So there you have it, 10 pairs, 10 different looks, all fitting my style and practical needs.  What does your boot collection consist of?  What boots are dying to have?!

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Diba mid calf boots
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Brown boots
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Naughty monkey boots
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Volatile studded boots
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Rocket Dog stacked heel
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Black boots
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Mark & James black boots
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Sporto quilted boots
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Not Rated silver heels
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N.Y.L.A. grey booties
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  • Reply
    January 23, 2012 at 11:43 AM

    I like ankle boots the most. I think that climate and practicality can be hard to get right. I love high heels and suede but that’s not the best for the rain and wearing to university.

    • Reply
      January 23, 2012 at 3:31 PM

      Imogen, thanks for your comment! I completely agree about high heels and suede… love them but not always the most practical. I used to ruin my suede boots at university with rain or a bit of snow, and high heels are great, but horrible for walking across campus. Now that I’m in the real world, it can still be a pain to wear suede or heels with the weather because I’m either scraping off my car in the snow or walking across the parking lot to my building!

  • Reply
    Tasia of Ruffles & Sequins
    January 24, 2012 at 2:47 AM

    I know what you mean! Its so hard to choose one pair when adding to your boot collection. I always end up choosing something that I can easily walk in (aka no heels) cause I’m forever walking ridiculous distances in my boots. Oh well 😛 You’ve got a lot of darling picks – good luck!My favs are the Nordstorm grey booties 🙂

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