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Prom, short for promenade, is one of the activities a teenager never wants to miss. In fact, this is one of the most prepared occasions during high school and one thing a girl is focused on preparing would be her fantastic prom dress she will be wearing. In addition, this is a stage where every girl would think about herself to be the prettiest and the most beautiful girl of the night to her crush. To be the most dazzling in the eyes of her crush, what will she do then? Select the best, gorgeous and impeccable prom dresses based on:

1. Price

As students, this would be the most burdensome part of choosing your prom dress. This may either cause you to end up asking your parents for money to buy the dress that you love most or if you are ashamed of asking, you will be finding ways of getting part time jobs so you can earn it by yourself. However sometimes, the preparation time is still not enough. You will be thinking of how to find a fantastic dress in an affordable price. You may go from store to store. To ease the stress, online shops do offer economical prom dresses nowadays. Among these would be JJ’s House which offers a wide variety of prom dresses and other special occasion dresses. According to a stylist of the said company, normally it takes 2 weeks for an order to arrive after placing the order. You also have the option to either choose a standard size or if you are afraid of the sizing, custom size is an option.

2. Color

You might be struggling with the color of the dress that will go well with your skin complexion. If you have a fair/pale skin, you can wear darker colors like grey, brown, burgundy, green, navy and bolder shades of blue. On the other hand, if you have olive/medium skin or what is known as warm complexion, most colors would work perfectly fine. You can choose either a little brighter or darker than the middle colors. Meanwhile, it is also best to avoid wearing shades of yellow or green colors to avoid ending up looking nude. Meanwhile if you have a darker skin, most colors will go well except for brown.

3. Length

The length of the dress is up to you, whatever you want to wear meanwhile if you are having a hard time which one is best to wear, you may consider the following options:

  • If you are petite girl, or the height is 5 feet and below, it would be best to go for a shorter length like knee length dresses.
  • Meanwhile if you have an average height, midi skirts would be best. This would include tea length dresses as this gives you an hourglass figure. Knee-length dress would also be an option.
  • If you are tall, you can use any length of dress. A full-length dress would look good on you as your long legs will be emphasized whilst a flowy knee length dress is also great for your figure.

4. Silhouette

There are 5 known silhouettes you can consider in choosing your lovely prom dress.

  • Trumpet/mermaid silhouette – This style is designed to emphasize one’s curves. It is fitted through chest and torso to knees, then flares out. This style is flattering on most body shapes especially if you are tall.
  • Ball gown silhouette – This style is flattering on most body types but especially flattering for petite women or those with small waist. This design is fitted in the chest and flares at the waist into a very full skirt. Meanwhile this is the most associated style for fairy tales. You could be the next Cinderella when you wear this kind of design.
  • A-line silhouette – This design is similar to ball gown of which it works well for every body type. It has a fitted chest and torso and slightly creates a flowing line from torso to the floor.
  • Sheath Silhouette – This kind of design is generally recommended for slimmer women who have gentle to no curves as it is form-fitting from the bust through the length of the thighs.
  • Empire silhouette – This dress has a waist line which is raised to directly beneath the bust, with a skirt that flares slightly from the raised-waist down. This dress is highly recommended for women who have a pretty flat waist, but is not recommended for women with a pronounced hourglass shape.

5. Fabric

There are different types of fabrics you can consider in choosing your best dress. Among these would be chiffon, charmeuse, taffeta, organza, satin, tulle, velvet, lace and sequined fabrics. It is however highly recommended you choose which silhouette you want as some of the fabrics would look better in such silhouettes. For example, chiffon fabrics, which is known for its simple weave as well as its subtle shimmer, are perfect for A-line dresses. Velvet, charmeuse, sequined fabrics would also look best with mermaid style dresses, whilst lace, organza and tulle fabrics are best with Cinderella looking dresses.

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