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New Purchases

New Purchases


(sandals, patterned pants, red cropped pants, t-strap mary janes)

Well I have been doing some shopping already in March (whoops… can’t say no to some of the great deals), but this month I’m approaching shopping a little differently. I have clothing needs and wants (I REALLY need some new work-appropriate pants. I REALLY wanted a new strappy, fun pair of nude sandals), but I am trying to already plan how to fit these items in with what I already own. I always try to think of this, but it rarely ever happens. Sometimes that means my new items are just sitting in my closet for a month or two, and that’s no fun!

Here are a few outfits I put together based on some of my new purchases! Now let’s just hope everything fits!

Blue Blazer + Patterned Pants

Teal Bag + Patterned Pants

White blazer + leopard Heels

Casual Red Pants

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I think these are awesome outfit ideas, and I’m obsessed with both of those pants! I’m wanting to add some fun colored and patterned dress pants to my wardrobe this spring too 🙂


I love the window pane pants and the nude sandals! Can’t wait to see them on the blog!


Thanks Alissa! You should definitely buy a pair, I think they are going to be just as versatile as a plain black pair of pants, but obviously a little more fun. And DUH being a fashion blogger you always have to wear something EXCITING haha 🙂

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