Polka Dots + Accessories = LOVE

Polka Dots + Accessories = LOVE

I’m super excited to write my first post focusing exclusively on accessories because accessories are where I have the most fun! In fact, accessories are the glue that hold together my looks and really inspire me to try new things. Don’t get me wrong, I love the clothing itself, but I get really excited playing with the same clothing and accessorizing differently to completely make a new outfit.  And now time for this accessories post’s focus… polka dots! Polka dots were another huge trend seen on the runway this year and what could be a better way to wear them than accessories?! I personally love my polka dot open-toed shoes. They really are me… with a girly touch… a bow of course (anything with bows, ruffles or that’s shiny I’m instantly drawn to). They are the perfect touch for work outfit and appropriate for many other events. I literally just ordered this headband from Jada’s Jewels and I can’t wait to wear it! If you don’t own any polka dots, the easiest and most economical way to try out the trend is with an accessory, so go for it and make it you! 


Get the TREND

Commando knit tight
$32 –

Peep toe pumps
$40 –

Dorothy Perkins dot jewelry
2 –

Polka dot scarve
$15 –

ASOS hair bow accessory
6 –

Old Navy lightweight scarve
$15 –

Hair bow accessory
$20 –

Forzieri dots glove
$65 –



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