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Wedding Attire for Fall

Plum Dress

The weddings this year are seriously never ending… and as more and more of my friends get engaged, it looks like the next couple years are going to be booked too! With that in mind, I am always looking for new places to find unique, beautiful dresses to wear to my friends’ weddings, but still be able to stay on budget. Recently I came across DressFirst and found an amazing selection of special occasion dresses and bridal veils, perfect for upcoming fall weddings!

Teal Dress

I obviously already have the dress picked out that I’m going to wear for my sister’s wedding, but we just attended my co-worker’s wedding this past weekend and will be attending my cousin’s wedding reception in September and have no idea what to wear. I realized I really need to add a few more fancy, yet versatile dresses to my collection and I’m really love the idea of adding some darker shades that will be perfect for my cousin’s wedding reception this fall!

Purple Dress

Burgundy Dress

Navy Dress

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Yes my dear, you are at that age where it’ll be wedding season for quite some time to come! That phase in my life is mostly over, though we’ll have a couple to go to next year.
I really like the purple one!

#3 and #5 are my favorites…beautiful choices! And YAY for friends getting married!


Yes, engagements and weddings are happening left and right I feel like! My best friend is getting married this fall and it’s the first of a chain that will be basically never-ending the next few years (hello Midwest!). But about your post, I love your gorgeous jewel tone selections! I’m hoping burgundy is still big this fall because I love it.

I totally went through a similar period where I went to weddings on back to back weekends in the summer for a couple of years. Finding the perfect dress can sometimes we tough since not all weddings have the same dress code, and you most certainly can’t wear the same dress to each wedding. Love the second dress!

xo jen
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