Valentine’s Day Nails

Valentine's Day Nails

I decided to deck out my nails out for Valentine’s Day by alternating a hot red and pink polish and doing something different with the thumb nail. I love a glitter polish layer over a white nail and was inspired by a lot of the Valentine’s Day candies out there (okay so the pink, red and white M&Ms, so cute and so yummy). Are you making your nails festive for Valentine’s Day?

Nails Full Set

Nail Polishes

What I used: Salley Hansen Mega Shine, Nicole by OPI Nail Lacquer, Hello World, Love & Beauty from F21, NYC French White Tip, Orly Tiara Nail Polish

Valentine's Day Nails Half


I am also guest posting over at Fierce and Fashionable today! You can find me taking a dress from a day office look to a night date look! Check it out here! Thank you so much Michelle for letting me take over your blog today!!!!!!! Here’s a sneak peek at the post:


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  1. says

    I have so many reds and pinks that I might need to do an ombre mani in those shades for Valentine’s Day! Or the touch of sparkle you did here is cute too! Too many options!

    • Rachel says

      Inna, EXACTLY! I’m no nail artist, or good with nail design, but this is a fun look that I’ve never done before! Still took someone like me awhile to do haha!

  2. AJ says

    ahh!! Your V-day nails are awesome! I love that you threw in the white sparkle thumb. I had hot pink on my nails, but it chipped like crazy so I took it off and haven’t had time to redo them. Sad.


  3. says

    girl, these are so cute! I totally didn’t do anything to prepare for valentine’s day (except buy the ingredients to make a carrot cake haha) but now I may have to russle something up.


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