Brown Smokey Eye Tutorial with Naked Palette

This is my first full makeup tutorial, focusing on a smokey brown eye from the Naked palette. I have never attempted filming with my DSLR so please excuse my mistakes (AKA no focus on the products and filming on my left side so you can’t really see what I’m doing because I am right-handed and all you will see a few times is my right arm). Next time I will film from the left so you can see everything I’m doing and I will make sure that the products are in focus, not out of focus! Also, sorry about the lighting, I didn’t know anything about video editing going into this and the overhead lights in our bathroom are paired with the fan, so I just used a few lamps for the lights in the video without overhead lights.

Also, please note I am not a makeup expert! This is just one of my go-to weekend looks that is a little more fun than what I wear to work during the week. I like to have fun and experiment with makeup, but if you have questions about anything, just let me know 🙂

Here are all the products used in the video:

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Thank you Ashley! 🙂 I had NO idea what I was doing. I have only ever filmed from my web cam before, so this was whole new territory for me, I say just go for it! This isn’t perfect, but it is a start!

Also, thank you! Happy New Year to you as well babe! So glad we have been able to connect over the past year!

Do it! It seems pricey at first, but gosh I have had it for almost two years… and still use it every day, even though some of my favorite shades are missing!

ASHLEIGH! You are too sweet! And I am trying to grow my hair out even more… it honestly looks short to me HAHA! But your hair is gorgeous girl! I love it long and shorter, it always looks super healthy and shiny 🙂

Great job!
I can’t decided if I should purchase the Naked 3 or not. I got the Naked Basics and use it all the time (ended up selling my 2 after using it only a couple of times). But I do love all of the shades.

I know, I have seen good and poor reviews on Naked 3. The poor reviews though are just upset with the variety of colors (or lack there of) but I think they are all shades that are easy to incorporate into everyday looks! I think it will be my next Naked palette purchase. I still have quite a bit of Naked 1 left!

HAHA! I wouldn’t say I am a makeup goddess, but thank you my dear 😉 I just love experimenting and have been since I was like in 8th grade. My parents hated it (why all the black eyeliner at such a young age?!) But obviously I’ve learned a lot through it and know what works for me!

Girl, you are amazing at makeup!! I need all the help I can get, so I loved this. I have the Naked palette and haven’t unlocked its full potential yet, so this was so helpful!
Happy New Year my dear!! I’ve so enjoyed becoming blogging pals this year and look forward to what’s to come! xoxo


Happy New Year to you Jacy! 🙂 You are the sweetest! I am hoping to do a lot more tutorials with my Naked palette, so hopefully I will have some more helpful tips for you! I seriously use mine for everything and miss some of the shades I’m out of (like virgin, it was a great highlight under the brow)! Glad you enjoyed 🙂

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