Sisters by Chance. Friends by Choice.

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Kaitlyn and Rachel

This weekend marks yet another monumental event for my family. This coming Saturday, July 1, 2017 I gain yet another brother and by the end of the day will be the last Trampel girl in the family. While that’s only true for a few more months, admittedly it is a bit sad to think about and has made me extremely reminiscent this week! Of course, my feelings of excitement and joy for Kaitlyn and Philip are overwhelmingly stronger than any sad or reminiscent feelings I’ve had lately. I’ve talked quite a bit about my sister on the blog before, but want to dedicate this post to her – because I am so proud of who she is and so honored to share in the joy of her wedding this weekend.

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Summer Beauty: Half Top Knot with Curls Tutorial

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rachel top knot

As you may have seen in my last makeup post, I had the opportunity to work with an amazingly talented group of women in the Twin Cities recently! Courtney worked on my hair and asked me what kind of style I wanted to see. To be honest, hair is definitely where I struggle creatively. I tend to wear my hair three to four ways – straight, wavy curls, in a ponytail or in a top knot. That’s why working with Courtney at Wayzata Salon & Spa was a great experience – she had ideas immediately after taking a look at my hair. Read More

Bridal Details: Beauty, Jewelry and Shoes

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When you’re planning a wedding, it’s definitely advisable not to sweat the small stuff. That is, until it comes to your bridal look. Looking divine on your big day is not just about choosing a dreamy gown. The added extras and finishing touches can make all the difference.


Hair and makeup

When you’ve bought a stunning dress, you want to do it justice and look your best. Hair and makeup are really important, even if you’re having a low-key wedding. You may think you know exactly what you want in terms of styles, but it’s always advisable to book some trials. The hairstyle you had in mind may not live up to expectation, and you may find that the makeup looks you’ve been cooing over on Instagram don’t bring out your best features. A good stylist and makeup artist will be able to make suggestions and share ideas based on your skin tone, your face shape and the style and theme of your wedding. You can try different options, experiment, and see how you feel once you’ve seen different looks on you. Go for styles that suit you and make you feel confident, rather than what’s trending. Read More