Shine-Free, Dewy Skin All Day Long: Olay Whips Moisturizers

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Olay. The opinions and text are all mine.

It’s not new information that I’m a HUGE beauty junkie: both skin care and makeup wise. I love playing around with different looks with my makeup, but wouldn’t be able to achieve the looks I want without the proper prepping. That’s where skincare comes in – more specifically – my pre-makeup moisturizer. The unicorn in my book right now? Olay Whips Moisturizers!

Not only does it offer powerful hydration, it also instantly absorbs into skin, so you don’t have to wait for it to dry before applying makeup.

Olay Whips contain a unique formula, which is able to absorbs oils in your skin throughout the day, for a dewy (not oily) finish.

The other great news?! There are three different kinds of Olay Whip Moisturizers to choose from! Whether you are looking to reduce wrinkles, get that ultimate hydration without feeling greasy or find that beautiful glow, there is something for you:

  • Regenerist: Powerful Wrinkle Results Without Heaviness
    – Perfect for diminishing the look of fine lines and wrinkles while thoroughly hydrating it. Formulated with advanced Amino-Peptide Complex II to regenerate surface cells.
  • Total Effects: Ultimate Nourishment Without Weight
    – Works great for replenishing moisture and evening skin tone appearance and enhancing brightness.
  • Luminous: Lasting Radiance Without Shine
    – Solves your visible pore problems and uneven skin tone.
  • As I just entered a new decade, I’m all about reducing and preventing wrinkles, which is why the Olay Regenrist Whip is perfect for my skin right now! Since using it, I’ve not only been able to achieve a dewy glow all day long, I’ve also noticed reduced wrinkles. Exciting right?!

    Have you tried Olay Whips Moisturizers before?! What benefits are you seeing from them? Tell me in the comments below! #FeeltheWhip

    You can get your own jar of Olay Whips from Ulta here!

    This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Olay. The opinions and text are all mine.

My 30th Birthday Party: How I Celebrated

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Hello all! I’ve missed you dearly. Life, as usual, has gotten the best of me and I’ve been so delayed in sharing the content I’ve wanted to share. That includes so much wedding content that I never got to – like my bridal shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner and just the wedding in general. We are actually still working on our wedding album/book so once we get all of our pictures back in high-res, I will begin to work on it. And I’m also behind on sharing my 30th birthday party celebrations – I’ve now been 30 for two months!

Anyway, today, I wanted to give you a glimpse into my 30th birthday party! I turned 30 on January 26 and took a half day to set up for and spend the day celebrating. The party of course went through the weekend and even into the next weekend when we went to Vegas to celebrate! I will do a separate post on that trip and my overall Vegas recommendations (that was my sixth time there, my fourth time with my husband). I ideally wanted to be somewhere warm on my 30th birthday and invited people to travel with us to Vegas, but realized it’s difficult to get a big group together to travel for just one birthday. So instead, I decided I wanted to do a small get together/party right here in Minneapolis.

Shop the 30th Photo Station

30 Balloons | Gold Back Drop

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Easy Ways To Travel More Than Once A Year

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Photo by on Unsplash

For a lot of people, travel experiences are limited to an annual holiday and that’s it. They often can’t afford to go more regularly, or work stops them from going away as much as they’d like to. But if those are your reasons for not traveling as often as you want to, it’s not as hard as you think. There are easy ways to travel – ways you can afford more travel and fit it around a busy work schedule as well. So, stop making excuses and use these simple tricks to start traveling more often.

Follow Travel Blogs

People that write blogs travel for a living. That means they know a thing or two about it. They wouldn’t be able to do what they do if they were spending the same amount that you do on a trip, they can afford it because they look for the best deals and most of them are willing to share those secrets with you. If you follow some travel blogs and sign up to their email newsletters, they’ll give you good advice on which countries are cheap right now and where you can get cheap flights etc.

Air Miles

Air miles are a great way to save on travel but a lot of people don’t take advantage of them because they think you have to fly all the time to build up enough to actually pay for anything. That’s not the case, in fact, you don’t actually have to fly at all. Click to find out how to earn air miles without actually flying anywhere. You can earn air miles for all sorts of things like grocery shopping and online purchases through companies that let you use their points reward schemes to buy air miles vouchers. If you start doing a lot of your companies at these places, you can quickly build up enough points to buy some flights. Read More