5 Best The Face Shop Products to Try this 2020

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2020 is the year to start developing better skin and body habits. Whether you’re staying at home or traveling for leisure, you should equip yourself with the best products for your routine. This is the year to try high-quality Asian products that are suitable for all skin types.

The Face Shop is one of Korea’s bestselling global beauty brand that truly adheres to the Natural Story philosophy. It’s a unique Korean beauty brand that uses the most beautiful, original, organic ingredients and eco-friendly packaging along with the latest technology. 

The company offers an extensive line of skincare and beauty products for both men and women, with the following top products:

1. Rice Water Bright Cleansing Oil  

This rice water cleanser provides gentle cleansing to your face, which is a perfect addition to your everyday double cleansing skincare regimen. It removes skin impurities, oil or sebum, and makeup, which leaves the skin clean, soft, and fresh. It’s lightweight so as not to clog your pores yet strong to remove your makeup. You’ll feel the jojoba seed oil softening the dirt and making it easier to remove.

This Rice Water Bright Cleansing Oil is watery and very efficient in removing makeup, and it leaves the skin soft and moisturized. For people with oily skin type, it’s not too much because it’s not at all sticky or heavy and easy to apply. Apply a few drops on your hands and gently spread all over the face, then follow up with a water cleanser or the Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam.

2. Air Cotton Makeup Base 

One of the best cosmetic products from the Korean brand is the Air Cotton Makeup Base. It’s a lightweight primer that creates a smooth makeup base for smooth and flawless skin. The product neutralizes redness or sallow and yellow skin tones. It is fortified with SPF 30 to protect the skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

They recommend this product for all skin types, most notably those who experience skin redness before applying foundation. Choose a makeup base that is easy to use and recommended your skin type. Read the label and the listing, most especially if you have highly sensitive skin or experience skin redness when using makeup products.

3. Rice and Ceramide Moisture Emulsion

Rice extract moisturizes and softens the skin. Rice bran oil acts as an additional skin softener. On the other hand, ceramide repairs and hydrates the surface. With this beauty product, you will have plumper, smoother, firmer, and brighter skin after use.

Whether you’ve got dry or oily skin, this emulsion product is suitable for any complexion. It won’t irritate your skin or congest the pores as heavier products do. It’s very hydrating, and you feel as if your skin appears brighter right after using this emulsion. This emulsion is a highly recommended product for people with sensitive and acne-prone skin because rice is a universally-accepted ingredient.

4. White Seed Brightening Serum 

Treatment is a crucial part of your everyday skincare routine, and the serum is one of the most common components. White Seed Brightening Serum is one of the most popular serums in The Face Shop lineup. It’s compatible with any other product because it’s mild and made from natural ingredients.

This serum has brightening components, including white daisy flower and white lupin seed extracts. It effectively penetrates your skin, making it look brighter and more youthful. Unlike other serum products, the White Seed Serum is applicable for both oily and dry skin.

5. Real Nature Face Mask 

The Real Nature Face Mask is an excellent facial treatment, addressing different skincare concerns. A face mask helps remove excess oils, hydrates skin, and improves the appearance of pores. Also, it’s an excellent way to get rid of skin impurities. Real Nature face masks are naturally saturated with plant extracts, delivering intense moisture, hydration, and nutrition. 

You can use this face mask once or twice a week, depending on your skincare needs and skin type. Make sure that you only use it for the duration intended or a maximum of 30 minutes. Don’t leave on your masks overnight.


The Face Shop stands out among the world’s top Korean products, offering different skincare products, such as natural cleansing oil, serum, face mask, primer, and emulsion. Grab your Korean skincare products now, and experience smooth and healthy-looking skin. Make sure that you purchase those from authorized retailers or outlets.

Hot LA Fitness Trends to Try in 2020

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Los Angeles is a trend-setting city that is always on top of its game, especially when it comes to fitness. Many fitness trends begin in LA, and many of them really switch up what most initially think of when they picture exercising. 

Here are a few of the hottest LA fitness trends that are a fun way to mix up your traditional exercise routine in 2020: 

Up Flying Yoga 

Up Flying yoga is an aerial yoga workout that adds the element of doing yoga on a hanging swing or hammock rather than on a yoga mat. It focuses on flexibility, core strengthening, stability, and stretching your spine as you essentially fight gravity. This is a way to mix up your yoga routine, try the practice in a fun way, and try a workout that is definitely not like anything you’ve tried before- plus, aerial yoga has a lot of benefits. Up Flying yoga is a studio in LA, but aerial yoga is becoming more and more popular, with more studios holding classes and all holding beginner classes for those who are interested. 


HIIT, High Intensity Interval Training, is a popular workout method that enables people to get an effective workout in in a short amount of time. Micro HIIT takes that even further. It teaches you how to fit in an effective workout in a matter of one, two, or three minutes. Pushing your body to its greatest potential in a matter of minute(s) triggers autophagy really activates your whole body, and gets your heart elevated. For those who don’t have time to make it to the gym or find themselves using the ‘I don’t have time to workout’ excuse, everyone has a minute or two. You can get in a micro-HIIT while you wait for your coffee to brew, your food to cook (or delivered), etc.  


Cycling classes such as SoulCycle have significantly gained popularity over the last couple of years. Cycling is an effective cardio workout and companies such as SoulCycle mixes up the traditional cycling workout by setting up a 45-minute experience. You work up a sweat to pump-up dance music surrounded by others on cycling machines, making it feel more like a dance cardio party than a workout. 


Especially for those of us who grew up loving hula-hoops, the exercise classes offered by Hoopnotica are a (fitness) dream come true. Classes are held at in the Hoopnotica Venice studio as well as the Ocean Spa & Fitness center at Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel (1700 Ocean Avenue). You’ll follow an hour-long class where you use a weighted hula-hoop to stretch and then do a low-impact aerobic workout. 


Pound is a workout developed by two female drummers. Pound classes are an intense cardio workout that leads you through exercises that you do while drumming with neon-green quarter-pound drumsticks. You get to follow a beat, work up a sweat, and do it in a class surrounded by others in a setting that really brings the energy up. The classes are held at West Hollywood and Burbank Crunch Gyms. 

Have you tried any of these workouts? Or do you plan on trying out any of them? 

Combat Your Dry Hands with These Products

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Hey everyone! So, I’ve been sitting at home thinking of all of these ideas for what to share on here. It’s a weird and scary and uncertain time, but instead of not posting, I thought I would keep posting content that is hopefully helpful and/or can distract from the current state because we all need a mental break from it every now and again. I will be writing more about this at the end of this post, but today, I wanted to share some ways to combat dry, cracked hands! Because if we weren’t already dealing with dry hands coming out of the winter season, we are definitely dealing with it now washing our hands as often as possible.

I personally have been using as much hand lotion as possible to combat my dry hands, but it just hasn’t been enough. That’s why today, I’m sharing some other top ways to help with your dry hands for some relief and to help with anti-aging. Just like your neck and chest, the tops of your hands should be just as important in your skincare routine. I realize today, we are all more worried about just getting some dry hand relief, so let’s get into the options below:

Hand Masks

Hand masks are similar to using face masks, but of course, for your hands! Many hand masks are formulated with herbal extracts and shea butter to help restore moisture. Most hand masks come in the form of gloves that you place on your hands for 10 to 15 minutes. I’ve listed a few options below:

Innisfree Hand Mask

Avenoo Hand Mask

Violet Flower Hand Mask

Hand Oils

I’ve raved about these oils in the past (see my blog post here) because they can be used for multiple reasons, but definitely great for dry hands right now. You could add a couple of drops of Vitamin E or Argan Oil into your hand lotion, or apply directly to the affected dry/cracked spots on your hands. I’ve been using Vitamin E oil for years on my elbows during the winter and it helps so much. These oils are also great to have on hand (punny I know) for other uses as well.

Nature’s Bounty Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E Oil

Argan Oil

Hand Lotions & Ointments

There are obviously endless options when it comes to hand lotions and ointments. I’m listing a few of my favorites, as well as one I’ve never tried before but has great reviews (and I love the brand). I love the Tree Hut body butter, this travel-sized hand lotion is what my husband and I are both using right now, the Argan Infinity Cream is amazing for extra moisture AND can be used to make your skin glowy. The SkinCeuticals cream is pretty pricey but is a great option for anti-aging for your hands, neck and chest.

Body Butter

Travel-Size Hand Lotion

Argan Infinity Cream – Intensive Creamy Oil

Bag Balm Hand Ointment

SkinCeuticals Neck, Chest & Hand Repair 

Hand Serums

Did you know they make serums for your hands? Honestly, you can probably use some of your face serums for your hands as well, just be careful if your skin is cracking because depending on the ingredients, it could sting. Below are two options for serums made to combat dry hands. Both, again, are pretty pricey (especially La Mer), but if you are needing some major relief, these would be great options.

Hand Relief Night Renewal Serum

La Mer Rejuvenating Hand Serum

Back to what I was saying at the beginning of this post: I am trying to balance sharing posts that are helpful to the times, like my recent post on Instacart and DoorDash, but also share some usual content. This does not mean I’m tone-deaf to the situation or not paying attention to what’s happening. I am, and like many people, am managing the new normalcy and maintaining my anxiety. My anxiety is high and sometimes I’m doing ok, and sometimes I’m freaking out. I am just so thankful for everyone out there who are the true heroes in all of this – the healthcare workers, the delivery drivers (Amazon Flex, UPS, USPS, FedEx), grocery store workers, pharmacy & drugstore workers, app-based workers on DoorDash, Instacart and more, the restaurants feeding healthcare workers or giving lunches to kids who aren’t in school anymore… I’m sure I’m missing someone… THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH. Also, I’m thinking of everyone affected by this, people who have the virus, who have lost loved ones to the virus, who have lost their jobs, who are struggling financially and worried about paying rent and other bills… I am thinking of you all. Again, I’m sharing content to be helpful (if I can in any way). I’m trying to embrace this the best way possible and have a place you can come and feel comforted, or leave your frustrations in the comments below, or email me just to have someone to talk to. I am here, and we are all in this together. Most of all, I hope you are staying safe & healthy – all of my love!